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June is National Candy Month!

That’s right! If you didn’t know before reading this post five seconds ago that there was an entire month of the calendar dedicated to celebrating a genre of food that is essentially composed of the sugary tears of angels, you know now! So how are you going to celebrate? Whether you’re throwing a candy-themed party, promoting your delicious business, or putting on a sweet school production, you’re in luck! We have a whole host of costumes to fill all your candy costume needs…

How about something chocolaty? You could be wrapped up in one of our M&M costumes this year! As this candy coated treat, you’ll look good enough to eat! Chocolate can be addictive, and so are these costumes! Represent every color in the bag with a group of friends! If you’re looking for another way to deck the whole family out in chocolate, how about a tootsie roll costume? This bite-sized, chewy candy is the perfect outfit for your bite-sized baby who also tends to chew on like, everything! We have baby sizes, child sizes, and adult versions of this chocolate treat. It’s hard to imagine that some people don’t like the rich, smooth flavor of chocolate but if you fall into that small category, never fear! A gaggle of marshmallow birds will soar to your aid with peep costumes for every member of the family. We have adult, child, and toddler peep costumes in stock right now! The best part is that after you’re done wearing them this month, you can recycle them for Easter and Halloween, making these costumes a “cheep” option.

None of these items hit the sweet spot for you? We have many more candy costume options to choose from, so be sure to visit findcostume and check out all our candy costume offerings!

Note: We know our costumes appear to be absolutely mouthwatering, but they’re not. So please, don’t eat them.

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