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4th of July Costumes!

With 4th of July just around the corner, it’s time to get into holiday spirit! Celebrate the nation’s birthday in one of our 4th of July costumes. We live in the land of the free, so take this one day to dress however you like! What better way to show how proud you are to be an American than with these patriotic costumes?

Independence day is a national holiday that should be celebrated to the fullest! For the concert, fireworks show, parade or party, ‘I want you’ to take a look at our selection of Uncle Sam costumes. If you don’t want to fully dress up this year, the Uncle Sam hat  is the perfect accessory to show off your patriotism!

For American History enthusiasts, take a look at our colonial costumes . Dress up as important historical figures like Unites States presidents or even Betsy Ross. These costumes are also great for putting on school plays!

To save money and kill two birds in one stone choose a patriotic superhero costume. You will have a costume you can not only wear on July 4th , but also on Halloween! Grab your friends or significant other to carry out this awesome group costume idea. Dress up like Captain America or Wonder Woman. Or if you want to show your appreciation for our soldiers, click here to find the uniforms of America’s true heroes.

Don’t miss out this year on all the 4th of July fun!

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