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2012 Superhero Costumes

Celebrate the costumed crusader in these top 2012 Superhero Costumes! 2012 has been the year for superheroes. From the Avengers to Batman,  these larger-than-life heroes have been making a deep impression on Today’s pop culture. Nothing will be a bigger smash than dressing up as these legends on Halloween! With such a large cast of characters to choose from, you’re sure to have an amazing group costume on your hands as well.

When you think superheroes and you think 2012, the first movie that should come to mind is The Avengers. From the Hulk to Hawkeye, Avenger Costumes showoff the star-studded team that is the epitome of butt-kicking, world-saving heroes. There has never been a more mismatched group of conflicting egos that work past their difference to save the world countless times. Does this sound like your group of friends? Show off your friendship and individuality at the same time in a brilliant Avengers group costume! For that one friend that is cocky, smart, and gets all the ladies, though his morals are a bit askew, Iron Man is the hero for him. Got that all-American type with a heart of gold and extremely dependable? Get him a Captain America Costume. Hopefully you don’t have a friend that gets as angry and incredibly strong as Bruce Banner, but if you do, get him a Hulk Costume, then get out of the way on Halloween!

Not a fan of Marvel? More of a DC Hero lover? Batman has never been more relevant! With the Dark Knight Rises, the latest and final installment of the Batman trilogy, the bat has reaffirmed its place in popular culture once again. Not only are Batman Costumes going to very popular but Catwoman costumes as well! If you are a front runner when it comes to comic heroes, then you know by know that Man of Steel is set to come out in 2013. Superman will get revamped and his story will be retold but who will be the first to spread the news of this up-and-coming film? You will in a Superman Costume! Everyone will be focused on the Avengers and Batman, stand out this Halloween as Superman.

Halloween is a time for acting out childhood fantasies and embodying someone completely different from your daily life. Do it right in one of these top 2012 Superhero Costumes.


Save Halloween as Captain America!

Captain America is this summer’s Marvel Comic craze!  The red, white, and blue patriotic power is here to help America’s war effort.  Become the superhero this Halloween with our Captain America Costumes!


The hero of all heroes, Captain America inspires the minds and hearts of the young.  For the children, we have the Child Deluxe Captain America Costume and the Child Classic Captain America Costume.  The deluxe carries a muscled bodysuit and character hood.  If your child is still low to the ground, the Baby Captain America Costume is a perfect choice!  This costume will turn your infant into the cutest crime fighting superhero around.


Captain America Costumes are great for all ages.  The Adult Captain America Costumes represent a more mature superhero with a political message that strikes a chord with adults.  The Adult Captain America Costume won’t give you super strength, but you will be the spitting image of the classic superhero down to the utility belt and character hood.  For a beefed up appearance, try the Adult Deluxe Captain America Costume.  Women are not excluded.  The Adult Sexy Captain America Costume switches the brawny body suit for a shiny dress, skirt, and eye mask that will make Wonder Woman jealous.  These costumes exhibit justice in the flesh, and are sure to make you into a star at any Halloween party!


Superhero costumes are never complete without accessories because gadgets and weapons are the staple of most superheroes!  Adult Captain America Accessories finish off the heroic look.  His red boots and gloves provide maximum comfort for fighting crime!  The famous star-centered shield comes in different shades to fit your Captain America costume of choice.  Each shield invokes the valor of a hero!


Let this Halloween be the one that defines you!  Save the day, with the heroic fit of Captain America.