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Find the perfect Halloween Costume in Half the Time!

Save Money with a Cheap Sexy Costume!

“Cheap” and “sexy” sometimes hang out in the same back alley, but during these harsh economic times “cheap” is always a positive.  Inexpensive, low price, half price, and free are open-arm eye-openers.  Combine a healthy wallet with a healthy dose of eye candy, and you’ve found yourself one step closer to heaven.  Enjoy the spoils of life with a Cheap Sexy Costume!


Our collection of Cheap Sexy Costumes offers a variety of scandalous options!  If life’s weighing you down, take a dip into the murky waters of erotic innocence with a Sexy Snow White Costume!  The seven dwarves won’t be along for this ride, but you might be in for a poisonous night.  That’s not the only childhood favorite.  The Adult Pebbles Costume is painfully pink, and the Sexy Little Bo Peep Costume gives this nursery rhyme a more experienced twist!  These Halloween Costumes bring back memories and keep you sexy, but the best part is the price tag!


Explore any fantasy you can think of!  Fulfill the fantasies of all those starving patients in a Sexy Naughty Nurse Costume.  Your patience may wear thin but there will always be a line of patients when you wear one of these sexy costumes.  Leg Avenue also aims to please!  The Prisoner of Love Costume puts you in the role of an escaped convict that uses her sharp curves to slip through the cracks.  Play a prisoner or a doctor at an affordable price!


Role-play is an amazing distraction that relies on imagination!  Imagination is cheap and so are our costumes.  Live a double life just for one night in a Cheap Sexy Costume!

Cheap Group Costumes that Save a Bundle!

Double, triple, and quadruple the fun on Halloween by partying and trick-or-treating with a group of friends!  Halloween is a social holiday, and there’s no better way to bond with your friends than coordinating a group costume.  Add an affordable price, and there’s not much more you could ask for.  If that sounds tempting, check out our Cheap Group Costumes!


Round up your friends with the lure of endless fun on Halloween night and dress up in a Crayola Crayon Costume!  Crayola Costumes for all ages are available.  Each person in your group can choose their favorite color.  Make up all the colors of the rainbow and fill up your own personal crayon box.  Candy Costumes are another inexpensive childhood favorite.  Find your favorite brand and relive the highlights of your childhood.  You’ll see different types of candy costumes from Skittles to Twix.  Settle the score with your dentist by dressing up in an awesome food costume!


Game Costumes add a different dimension of fun to Halloween night!  If there are any dead spots on Halloween play with your costume.  Tic Tac Toe, Twister, Dartboard, and other costumes present opportunities for hilarious side distractions.  For another branch of entertainment, check out the Toy Story Costumes.  All of your favorite characters are available.  You and your friends can save the day in a Woody or Buzz Lightyear Costume.  Movie and television costumes are great for groups!


Our Cheap Costumes offer more than just a price advantage!  We have a deep collection of Cheap Group Costumes that offer endless amounts of opportunities between friends!

Pinch Pennies and Laugh out Loud in a Cheap Funny Costume!

The best of both worlds is here to save Halloween!  A perfect night out consists of a lot of laughter without spending too much money.  Pockets are wearing thin these days.  Budgets are the way to go if you want to stretch your bank account.  Put all the pieces in place to create a great night with a Cheap Funny Costume!


Since March is nutrition month, take a look at the banana costumes!  Get your fill of potassium with this hilarious fruit costume that even comes peeled, or you can try out an apple costume to see if a disguise can also keep the doctor away.  Get a well-balanced meal of comedic foods.  The T-Boner Costume and Baked Potato Costume are hilarious puns that should have everyone rolling on the floor.  Of course, the best part about these food costumes is the price.  Laughter is cheap!


Child Hot Dog Costumes are cheap, funny, and will probably make you hungry!  Become your favorite on-the-go snack for a price almost as low as the food itself.  Practical jokes rise to a whole new level with the Whoopee Cushion Costume.  Just make sure no one sits on you!  Funny costumes are always the highlights of everyone’s night.  From pun costumes to toothpaste costumes, everything under the funny umbrella is covered.  Laugh at your expense in more ways than one with a cheap costume!


This Halloween, sit back and laugh at everyone else as they scramble for a costume at the last second!  You deserve to enjoy the moment because you just picked out a hilarious costume that didn’t put a dent in your pocket!  Our collection of cheap funny costumes is a godsend!

Cheap Costumes for a Tight Budget!

There are always reasons to save money.  The economy is bad.  New Years just passed and your resolution is to cut down on costs.  A week in Hawaii means no trips to happy hour for a couple of months.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The point is that there are always reasons to save money.  Spend what you can afford and find what you want by checking out our collection of Cheap Costumes!


Cheap Funny Costumes are your best bet for two reasons: they’re cheap and funny!  You won’t find a costume over 30 dollars, and the selection is vast.  Child Banana Costumes and Child Hot Dog Costumes offer you a tough choice between food groups.  Full body food getups are hilarious and look good enough to eat.  Pun costumes are a great choice.  The Chick Magnet, Deviled Egg, and Blow Me Costumes are all clever and guaranteed conversation starters at any costume party.  Laugh your night away without denting your wallet!


Cheap Adult Costumes have a full load of costumes that cover all of the popular genres!  Religious costumes put Jesus at the forefront of everyone’s mind and live up to his meager means through the cheap price and heavenly appearance.  All of your favorite television and movie characters are available.  From Fred Flintstone to Neo from the Matrix and down to Popeye.  The women also have a large selection that is highlighted by the Cheap Sexy Costumes.  High skirts and tight tops define this group of costumes.  Sex appeal comes included with every costume!


This was just an appetizer!  There are many more costumes that come at a low price.  Save your money and get your money’s worth with a Cheap Costume!