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Find the perfect Halloween Costume in Half the Time!

Adult Prisoner Costumes for the New Year!

Halloween is a long ways away but it’s never too early to start looking for a costume.  Plus, there will be many costume parties so there’s always a reason to have your costume ready.  Every Halloween, there’s a new trend and it’s your job to figure it out.  2012 was a slow and stagnant year, so the theme of 2013 is motion.  You need to always move forward and keep running straight ahead.  To symbolize this idea, try these costumes on for size!

The stripes are very becoming!

A prisoner costume represents your escape from the boring routine that is your life.  Check out this bad boy!  I doubt you’ve ever wanted to be part of a prison chain gang, but the feeling of freedom is exhilarating.  Don the black and white stripes and run from the boys in the blue like a zebra in the wilderness.  Just make sure you don’t look back.  If the stripes are not becoming of you, try a Jailhouse Jumpsuit.  The orange might be a better shade for your skin tone.  Anyone who’s on the lamb from boredom should take these costumes into consideration!

Click here for a sexy change of pace!  Women can turn the prison yard upside down with these sexy costumes.  The jail and prison colors are still the same, but the curves are different.  Halloween is all about pushing the envelope, and these jail costumes do just that.  Trade in your scary mask for a jumpsuit, and trade in your bag of candy for a ball and chain!

Prison Costumes can mean more than just a checkered past.  Wear one on Halloween, and symbolize freedom and rebellion!

Classics All Around: A Christmas Story Costumes!

No film captures the spirit of Christmas quite like A Christmas Story!  Ralphie is a picture perfect representation of every wide-eyed child during the holidays.  He dreams, finds disappointment, and learns something new every step of the way.  That’s what being a child is all about in a nutshell, but some events make children grow up fast.   Childhood is magical, and this classic movie is too!  Light a fire under your family with a Christmas Costume.  Click here and start this wonderful season off the right way!

Christmas morning might be the most anticipated event!  Children and adults, alike, lose sleep.  Kids fidget in their beds over anticipation, and the grownups break day to leave the door open for Santa (yes he’s real).  The sought after prize is presents, presents, and more presents on top of that.  Gifts are expected, so every now and then, you should look for a change of pace.  Click here and refresh your memory of Ralphie’s glimpse into manhood.  Ladies can strut your stuff under the mistletoe and reenact a classic movie scene.  The leg lamp costume is something special.!

A Christmas Story is full of classic moments!  The special delivery of the leg lamp is another memorable scene.  The box was Fra-gee-lay (fragile).  It’s probably Italian!  This scene is easy to reenact.  Take a look, and bring the mysterious crate out for a night.  Pair it together with a Leg Lamp costume, and put on a show for family and friends.  It will be a match made in couples costume heaven!

In the end, Christmas is all about having fun.  Make sure your smile brightens up the room just like the lights on the tree!

Lay the Hand Down with a Pimp Costume!

♦Very few professions intertwine style and authority as astutely as the managers of the oldest profession in the world.  Pimps dress loud, talk in a cool demeanor, and take control of every situation.  If you think you got the walk pat down, try your hand at the oldest hustle with a Pimp Costume!

♦To be a true pimp, you have to dazzle everyone into submission at first sight!  Throw off whoever looks at you by slipping into a Tiger Pimp Costume!  The tiger print patterns mean business.  You’ll embody luxury and danger at the same time.  If those colors don’t fit your style, go for the Leopard Pimp Costume.  Add a hitch to your walk, soften your voice, and stay cool.  Smooth will be your middle name as soon as you put on this Funny Costume!

♦We got pimp suits in every color: purple, neon, green, brown, and every other shade that makes haters frown!  Purple Pimp Costumes offer an intoxicating view.  Lull all onlookers to sleep in these slick duds and work on your pimp walk.  The best part about our collection is that the females are not excluded.  The Lady Pimp Costumes turn the tables to put women in the dominant role.  Halloween is an equal opportunity costume fest! 

♦Get ready for the player’s ball with our Pimp Costumes!

Show off your Reflexes with a Cowboy Costume!

♠Everything’s in place—dusty trails, tumbleweeds, holsters, and saloons!  The old west still has an aura of legend.  Old-fashioned duels and shootouts were the norm.  Horses and wagons were the main forms of transportation, and a stone scowl won the fight before it started.  Relive the golden age of danger and glory with a Cowboy Costume!

♣Before you strap on your snakeskin and get into character, start the look with a Cowboy Hat!  Start from the top and work your way down to the bottom.  These western hats come in different colors and styles.  Women will look sassy, and the men will look rugged and daring.  Strap the old west hat to your chin and make sure it doesn’t blow away as you speed off on your horse.  Kick up dust in a western costume!

♣Some men can walk through the Wild West with their brim down and not get fazed, but for the young ones in training, we have your rite of passage: Child Cowboy Costumes!  If you want to play the part, you have to look the part.  Throw on your vest, fix your bandana, and have your holster ready.  One Halloween night in this classic costume, and your little boy will become a man.  All he needs now is the boots with the spurs!

♠If anyone gives you the wrong look this Halloween, suit up in a Cowboy Costume and prepare for a quick draw standoff!

Keep It Classy This Halloween With A Classic Mens Costume!

Why try a classic costume? Well, we all know how it goes. You’re a guy. It’s Halloween. You and your friends decide to go to a costume party, and by the end of the night colored wigs have become itchy, elaborate face paint is all melted and gross, and your adorable bunny tail got ripped off by some guy who had too much punch. This year, how about looking good without trying too hard? Try a simple classic mens costume that will get you attention for all the right reasons.

Nothing is hotter than vampires these days. Have Twilight-loving ladies hanging on to your every blood-tinged word with these classic vampire costumes. If you’re looking for a couples costume, nothing is better than a vampire and a sexy vampiress. Fangs or no fangs, you’re sure to look sharp.

Now this looks like a guy who won’t be getting arrested on Halloween night!

If the blood-sucking undead aren’t your thing, try a vintage sports costume. A old-fashioned costume says, “I know about decades other than this one” instead of “Please use your Taser, officer.” These classy costumes are totally functional and you can accessorize with your own sports gear. Get a bunch of friends together and go as a whole team. With a vintage sports costume, you’ll score major points.

To be even classier, try a handsome prince costume. They’re a little pricier, but when you look that good, it’s all worth it. Trends come and go, but you can be a prince every single year and always look dashing. A classic costume like this one will definitely impress. Pair up with a young lady dressed in a beautiful princess costume and be a truly stunning couple at your next costume party. Looking sophisticated has its benefits! Do you think Cinderella would’ve fallen for the Prince if he was dressed up like a Whoopie Cushion? I don’t think so.

This year, don’t be that guy. Have a memorable and sexy Halloween with a classic costume!

Relive the Ides of March in a Roman Costume!

The Ides of March are upon us!  March 15, 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was betrayed and assassinated at the height of his power.  The phrase, “Et tu, Brute?” has been immortalized as the lament of treachery.  Roman history has been romanticized over and over.  Replay that moment or other events of that period with a Roman Costume!


Relive the Ides of March in a Julius Caesar Costume!  Wear the royal garbs of a ruler but make sure you always stay on guard.  You can never be too safe!  The infamous Roman statesman walked around with an honorable stature.  Try and capture his aura with the Adult Caesar the Great Costume.  Grab this classic costume and tell a story on Halloween night that has been rehashed throughout history, but this time you can put your own spin on it!


Gladiator Costumes perfectly paint the warlike times of the Roman era!  Bear the ancient armor of the times and fight with valor against any foe you encounter.  A gladiator’s spirit is unmatched, but there is a whole other side to battle and war: women.  Wars have been fought over women, and that reason will  be obvious when you feast your eyes on an Adult Roman Queen Costume.  These sexy costumes can be characterized as magical, majestic, and intoxicating.  Historical costumes cover all bases!


This Halloween will be one to remember!  Show your appreciation for the legend and lore of history with these classic Roman Costumes!

Always Stay in Style with a Classic Costume!

Classics never get old!  They cross generations and impress just as much as before, if not more.  Classics never go out of style and never cease to impress.  Go with a safe bet, and try one of our Classic Costumes!


Start with a scary costume!  The classic scary figures and Halloween icons are well represented.  Ride around town on broom in a Witch Costume, suck blood in a Dracula Costume, or haunt the abandoned house in your neighborhood in a ghost costume that’s more than just a white sheet.  However, these costumes are not for the faint of heart.  Animal Costumes are universal because everyone will recognize a lion, rat, or bear costume.  Who doesn’t want to terrorize the city in the form of a wild animal?  It’s safer than hunting!


King Costumes are for those who thrive on attention!  Everyone will yearn to be in your presence when you garnish yourself in royal fabrics with vibrant colors.  These costumes are showstoppers by nature, just like our Princess Costumes.  These costumes are long, flowing, and beautiful.  Females of all ages can live out a Cinderella fantasy.  As for security, the Royal Guard Costumes will make sure you stand tall with fortitude and sophistication, in honor of the king.  A whole royal family and kingdom can be made and used as a group costume!


These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg!  Search through our different categories and find a Classic Costume that brings you back to a special time!