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Look Utterly Intoxicating with a Drink Costume!

A Drink Costume is a great way to kick-off your Halloween and it’s easy to see why. To create a great party, there are typically a few key ingredients: people, food, and booze. Well, you’re already a person. And you could wear one of our cool Food Costumes. But at an adult event, only one of those ingredients is guaranteed to turn even a total snooze-fest into a rager. Yep, you guessed right. It’s the booze.

Old Milwaukee Beer Dress

A 'cold one' never looked so hot!

Liven up your Halloween get-down by wearing a fun Drink Costume! Alcohol always makes the party and so will you in one of these distilled delights. With our variety of drink costume options, you can pick your favorite drink, a beverage that matches your inebriating personality. So, the real question is: which booze are you?

Are you a class clown with low maintenance sensibilities? Get some laughs at a BYOB party by dressing up in one of these Beer Costumes. Why just drink your favorite ale when you can wear it? Whether you prefer a beer dress or a more classic beer bottle look, we’ve got something that will surely wet your whistle.

Not much of a beer-drinker? Like something more south of the border? Instead of opting sipping water all night, try our Tequila Bottle Costumes. You’ll look caliente and totally hilarious in one of these drink costumes.

If an evening of refinement is more your speed, you should opt for one of the Champagne Costumes. Pop the bubbly and look totally classy in either the Champagne Dress or Champagne Bottle. This drink costume would also be a cute way to dress up for a New Year’s party.

As the embodiment of liquid courage, you’ll have the confidence to bust out the dance moves and get drunk off of your bottled behind.  This Halloween, satisfy your taste for fun with one of these cool drink costumes!