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Couples Costumes for Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air every time you look around!  There’s a reason for that.  Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and Cupid is on the prowl.  The little matchmaker is on the hunt and finding lonely souls to pair.  Luckily, you already have a partner in crime.  Whether it’s your soul mate or plaything, someone will be there for you by the end of the night.  In your case, the courtship is over so all you have to do is spice things up.  It’s not hard.  Click here and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!

Whatever you do, don’t eat the apple!

A laugh is at its best when it’s shared between two people!  Enhance every laugh as much as possible by checking out our collection of Funny Couples Costumes.  Every hilarious duo or duet you can imagine is available.  From drink costumes to TV character costumes to food costumes, this section covers the gamut.  Some are indirectly correlated to this romantic occasion.  What’s more romantic than an Adam and Eve Costume?  That’s where it all started!  It’s the first ever romance, and it’s filled with the usual ups and downs (even if their fallout was pretty significant).  Laughter is a kissing cousin of love.  Choose a costume that caters to your comedic tastes, and get ready for an exciting night!

Another good way to heat up the romance is role-play!  Acting is a great way to get people to loosen up and have a little bit more fun than usual.  Click here and take a gander at our movie costumes.  Film has the most memorable characters.  Find a good one and turn Valentine’s Night into a remake of a classic movie.  There’s a bevy of couples from classic movies: Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, Woody and Jessie from Toy Story, and much more.  The possibilities are endless!

Whether it’s to spice up the bedroom action or for plain old fun, our couples costumes are just what you’re looking for.  You’ll definitely have a good time!

Mardi Gras Costumes that Prove Less is More!

Every year giddy partygoers converge on New Orleans for the time of their lives!  Alcohol is in abundance, beads are being thrown, masks dot the crowd, and clothes are at a minimum.  Mardi Gras is a time to let loose and meet new people.  There’s enough free spirits and beer to find something to do, but if you’re looking for something different, try a costume.  Masks are already a mainstay so you need to go the extra distance.  Click here and check out some interesting alternatives!


Fat Tuesday encourages less clothing!  It’s seen, clear as day, in the pursuit of beads.  Send a shockwave through everyone’s system by going against the grain.  Check out this grand costume.  Probably commonplace during the renaissance, this luxurious gown is sure to make a statement.  Pristine and classy are two words that come to mind when talking about this costume.  Walk down the strip in this getup, and the crowds will part.  All eyes will be on you!  In the same vein, the two-piece confetti costume leaves a little bit of mystery.  Both dresses possess a hint of royalty.  Dress like a queen, and you’ll probably get treated like one!

Couples at Mardi Gras can’t take the spotlight with the right costume.  Click here and take a look at a Mardi Gras couples costume.  The two-piece confetti costume makes another cameo, but now with company.  Manly men with royal blood will love the male half of the couples costume from the ruffled jabot down to the striped breeches.  It’s a good, classy look, but most people go to Mardi Gras to see the wild side of New Orleans.  Here’s what everyone’s been waiting for.  The Sexy Mardi Gras Maven Costume typifies what everyone wants to see.  It’s sexy, colorful, and bold!

Mardi Gras Costumes are more varied than previously thought.  Choose a style that fits your personality and have a great time!

2012 Funny Costumes Volume 1

On Halloween, new and different is always good!  Seeing the same costume every year can become annoying.  Friday the 13th, Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers, and Scream masks are recycled to no end.  Princess, pumpkin, and Power Rangers Costumes run the toddler monopoly.  In addition, blockbuster hits churn out movie costumes to capitalize off commercial success, but in between these trends lies a world of creative and funny opportunities.  Go for something different, vibrant, and hilarious.  A new funny costume would be the ultimate icebreaker!

For kids, Halloween is all about the candy hunt!  Whoever has the biggest bag has the biggest prize.  Now there’s a new way to signify victory.  Big game hunters like to hang their trophies on the wall.  With a trophy head costume, you will be the trophy!  Whether you’re hunting for deer, bears, moose, or busy bass fishing, a trophy head costume will be right up your alley.  It may even give seasoned hunters a view from the outside looking in.  In any case, the reception will always be positive.  Partygoers and trick-or-treaters always admire someone that steps outside of the box.  Try that on for size, play around with the words associated with the costume, and push for an epic night!

Couples have it easy!  Costumes that interact with each other guarantee a good time.  The perfect example of a funny and intuitive couples costume is the USB Port and Stick Couples Costume.  It’s the perfect fit, especially for soul mates.  The humor is modern, an assortment of innuendos can be conjured up, and relationships can only be strengthened.  Since this is the digital age, this kind costume is easily relatable and creative at the same time.  Find a partner and link up via a USB costume before another couple does!

On Halloween, keep a couple of things in mind.  You won’t stand out, unless you take a step in a different direction.  Think outside of the box, but make sure you have someone to bring you back.  Choosing a costume is not hard, but put some effort into it so you don’t literally become another ticky tacky zombie!

Keep It Classy This Halloween With A Classic Mens Costume!

Why try a classic costume? Well, we all know how it goes. You’re a guy. It’s Halloween. You and your friends decide to go to a costume party, and by the end of the night colored wigs have become itchy, elaborate face paint is all melted and gross, and your adorable bunny tail got ripped off by some guy who had too much punch. This year, how about looking good without trying too hard? Try a simple classic mens costume that will get you attention for all the right reasons.

Nothing is hotter than vampires these days. Have Twilight-loving ladies hanging on to your every blood-tinged word with these classic vampire costumes. If you’re looking for a couples costume, nothing is better than a vampire and a sexy vampiress. Fangs or no fangs, you’re sure to look sharp.

Now this looks like a guy who won’t be getting arrested on Halloween night!

If the blood-sucking undead aren’t your thing, try a vintage sports costume. A old-fashioned costume says, “I know about decades other than this one” instead of “Please use your Taser, officer.” These classy costumes are totally functional and you can accessorize with your own sports gear. Get a bunch of friends together and go as a whole team. With a vintage sports costume, you’ll score major points.

To be even classier, try a handsome prince costume. They’re a little pricier, but when you look that good, it’s all worth it. Trends come and go, but you can be a prince every single year and always look dashing. A classic costume like this one will definitely impress. Pair up with a young lady dressed in a beautiful princess costume and be a truly stunning couple at your next costume party. Looking sophisticated has its benefits! Do you think Cinderella would’ve fallen for the Prince if he was dressed up like a Whoopie Cushion? I don’t think so.

This year, don’t be that guy. Have a memorable and sexy Halloween with a classic costume!

Ward off all Evil with a Superhero Couples Costumes!

Saving the world can be a tall task for one person!  Let’s face it; everyone can’t be the man of steel.  Even Superman needed help from Batman and The Flash, from time to time.  Halloween night can be spooky affair.  Conquer that adventure with that special someone by dressing up in a Superhero Couples Costume!


Halloween is tailor made for the Dark Knight!  Celebrate this special day with a Batman and Catwoman Costume.  Catwoman looks as sexy and scandalous as ever in these enticing villain costumes that show off shapely curves.  She teams up with the Batman costume of your choice!  Different styles of Batman are available; from the movies to the comic books, you can choose your favorite version and hand out your brand justice.  Gotham City will never be the same once you suit up as the underappreciated hero!


The discussion of superheroes wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the hero who’s faster than a speeding bullet!  Superman Costumes stretch with valor and honor.  Heroism will seep into your pores and encourage you to save the day.  Supergirl Costumes offer the perfect pairing to the most famous superhero.  Women can save the day and be sexy at the same time!  If Metropolis is not on your map, go for a Captain America Couples Costume.  Your country may need you on Halloween night.  When your name is called, be prepared to unveil your hero costume!


Sexy Costumes, couples costumes, and superhero costumes converge to form dynamic duos and trios!  Find a superhero that reflects your mood and spirit, and then march forth on Halloween night with your head held high!

Exciting Couples Costumes!

Don’t go it alone!  All of the classic cliché combo catchphrases still apply.  It takes two to tango and two heads are better than one!  Most things are more fun when you have someone to share it with.  Test this theory out with a Couples Costume!


Funny Couples Costumes cover a wide range of areas!  You can dress up as food, games, television characters, electrical sockets, and more.  Much of the humor in these costumes comes from the group dynamic.  Getups such as the Penis and Vagina Costumes are funny by themselves, but also play off of each other to great effect.  The same goes for the Plug and the Socket Costume as well as the Adam and Eve Costumes.  Become the life of the party with a funny costume!


Couples TV Costumes allow you to dress up as your favorite character!  Create your own episode of the Simpsons with a Homer or Marge costume.  These characters will be recognized anywhere.  For a blast from the past, give the Fred and Wilma Costumes a good once over.  Bedrock can be in the palm of your hands!  All of the classics show up in the collection.  Charlie Brown, Gumby, and the Jetsons are all quality characters and even better costumes!


These categories are only teasers for the whole collection.  Search through our Couples Costumes and choose an idea for two!