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Drink Costumes to Start the New Year!

2013 is here and a new world of opportunities is in store!  A fresh start deserves some sort of celebration.  That’s up to you, but here are a few suggestions: kegger, toga party, costume party, or all-white party.  The list can go on for days, but when it comes down to it, all parties are the same.  There’s usually music, friends, singles, couples, dancing, and, of course, drinks!  They’re the heart of every party.  Enough drinks, and everyone’s sure to have good time!  Click here for something sort of different!


Drinks are great but Drink Costumes are amazing!  Whether it’s for Halloween or the annual office party, one of these costumes will come in handy.  Suit up as a beer mug and get drunk off fun.  Drinks will always be a staple of the party scene, but now you can redefine it and add some creativity.  This new dynamic is way more fun than the usual tradition of synchronized shots and merciless chugging.  Instead of guzzling the drinks till they vanish, become the drink.  Embody it until your senses fall into a drunken stupor.  Whether it’s as a beer mug, beer bottle, or beer man, a new way of experiencing drinking is possible.  Give it a try!

Not everyone is a fan of beer.  The reasons can range anywhere from taste to strength.  Hard drinks are more effective.  That might also be true in the costume world as well.  Click here and take a look at our tequila costumes.  Just like their liquid counterparts, liquor costumes are potent and straight to the point.  They provide more variety and more curves for women.  Dress up in one these costumes and keep track of your shot intake!

Drink costumes are fun in more ways than one!  Find your favorite drink and immerse yourself in the packaging.  It might not get you drunk, but you will definitely have a good time!

Look Utterly Intoxicating with a Drink Costume!

A Drink Costume is a great way to kick-off your Halloween and it’s easy to see why. To create a great party, there are typically a few key ingredients: people, food, and booze. Well, you’re already a person. And you could wear one of our cool Food Costumes. But at an adult event, only one of those ingredients is guaranteed to turn even a total snooze-fest into a rager. Yep, you guessed right. It’s the booze.

Old Milwaukee Beer Dress

A 'cold one' never looked so hot!

Liven up your Halloween get-down by wearing a fun Drink Costume! Alcohol always makes the party and so will you in one of these distilled delights. With our variety of drink costume options, you can pick your favorite drink, a beverage that matches your inebriating personality. So, the real question is: which booze are you?

Are you a class clown with low maintenance sensibilities? Get some laughs at a BYOB party by dressing up in one of these Beer Costumes. Why just drink your favorite ale when you can wear it? Whether you prefer a beer dress or a more classic beer bottle look, we’ve got something that will surely wet your whistle.

Not much of a beer-drinker? Like something more south of the border? Instead of opting sipping water all night, try our Tequila Bottle Costumes. You’ll look caliente and totally hilarious in one of these drink costumes.

If an evening of refinement is more your speed, you should opt for one of the Champagne Costumes. Pop the bubbly and look totally classy in either the Champagne Dress or Champagne Bottle. This drink costume would also be a cute way to dress up for a New Year’s party.

As the embodiment of liquid courage, you’ll have the confidence to bust out the dance moves and get drunk off of your bottled behind.  This Halloween, satisfy your taste for fun with one of these cool drink costumes!

Steal the Spotlight with a Mens Costume!

Women take the cake when it comes to fashion!  A woman’s wardrobe is comparable to a Halloween shop.  Every piece of clothing has a distinct personality that represents a certain mood, but men are a different story.  Men can get away with a pair of jeans and t-shirt combination for a week and not bat an eye.  However, there is one occasion where men break out of their mundane shells and fit into a different persona: Halloween.  Our Mens Costumes and Halloween are a dangerous mix!

Weed out any dead spots on Halloween by picking up one of our Funny Costumes for Men!  A good laugh can revitalize a night.  Enjoy a round of raunchy humor with a Pun Costume or an Offensive Costume.  There’s a costume for any dirty joke that’s ever made you cry in laughter.  Hilarity that intense is sure to drain your energy.  Replenish it with a Food Costume or Candy Costume.  Choose your favorite fast food or sugary sweet, and be one with the food that gives you a stomachache.  Drink Costumes, Video Game Costumes, you name it, we got it!  Our Costumes for Men have a great variety!

Everyone wants to be a hero, even if it’s only in his or her mind!  Achieve this with a Superhero Costume for Men.  For Halloween, you can parade around town as Batman, Superman, the Hulk, or any other hero that gets your juices flowing.  You may not gain superpowers, but you will look the part.  Tired of being human?  Our Animal Costumes for Men feature enough animals to fill a zoo.  Or maybe, you’re built for the spotlight.  See how you fare in a Movie Costume or a TV Show Costume.  Any man can find what he’s looking for in our collection of Halloween Costumes!

Go all out for one night and transform into a different character by picking up one of our Mens Costumes!

Enjoy the Other Side of Halloween with a Funny Costume!

Turn Halloween upside down!  Forget about the scary costumes and haunted houses for a moment.  Pull the sheets away from the fake ghosts and look past any monsters.  This Halloween is going to be about good time and laughter.  The easiest way to accomplish this is with a Funny Costume!


For a fit of uncontrollable laughter, take a look at our Pun Costumes!  Dress up in a hilarious costume with a clever and sometimes raunchy twist.  A great example of this is the Third Leg Costume that hints at something other than a deformity.  The Sick as a Dog Costume is funny, quick, and unpredictable.  At times pun costumes straddle the offensive line.  Our Offensive Costumes possess a dash of bawdy to loosen things up.  Shake things up a bit and free yourself with a Harry Banana Hammock Costume.  You won’t regret the liberation!


Funny Animal Costumes brings the unpredictability of the wildlife to Halloween!  Choose from a number of animal costumes that range from traditional to tricky.  The Cow Costume grabs its comedic value from the normal features of a cow, while the Card Shark Costume relies on wordplay.  For the lonely guys looking for that special someone, the Frog Prince Costume may be in order.  If that’s not funny enough for you, boost your laugh rate with a Drink Costume!  Vodka Costumes, Tequila Costumes, and Champagne Costumes will jumpstart any dieing party!


Provide a breath of fresh air on a spooky Halloween night with a Funny Costume!