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A Wardrobe Change for President’s Day!

President’s Day is upon us!  Some may see it as another day off from work, but there’s a deep significance.  It’s origins start with the man that led the way: George Washington.  In fact, the day in question is officially called “Washington’s Birthday.”  He was the first president of the United States, and this day was originally made to honor him.  Today that still holds true, but we also celebrate all of the presidents that have helped shape this nation.  Take a look at our political costumes and masks, and pay homage to these prestigious men!

The man that started it all!

Click here and take a look at our political masks!  Two of the most memorable presidents are available in our collection.  There are several Barack Obama masks for you to choose from.  As the first black president, his legend is cemented in the history books.  Put on one of these historical masks and embody brilliance.  Another one of note is the Bill Clinton Mask.  His reign was marked with great success, and his prominent facial features are blown up in this special mask.  Our selection offers you the chance to transform into a living legend!

“Washington’s Birthday” wouldn’t be complete without a George Washington Costume!  Check out these special colonial costumes, and step in the shoes of the first to do it.  Complement the colonial style jacket, vest, and pants with an old-fashioned wig and experience a time long lost.  Whether it’s for Halloween or a President’s Day celebration, our presidential costumes will stand out.  Another great option would be an Abraham Lincoln Costume.  The tall top hat is a classic and should be recognized anywhere!

Hopefully you have the day off!  If you do, pay your respects to the men responsible for changing the nation!

Commemorate the First with a George Washington Costume!

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732.  President’s Day celebrates George Washington’s birthday, but every year the holiday falls on the third month of February.  In 2012, President’s Day is on February 20.  Impress your friends with this tidbit of historical fact.  If you want to take the impression up another notch, dress up in a George Washington Costume to show your appreciation!


Adult George Washington Costumes carry an unmatched political aura!  The pants, sash, and jabot, all scream of an American brand of royalty.  Complete this president’s costume with a wig and you’ll be the head of state in no time.  The distinct colonial look will have a great effect upon your mannerisms.  You won’t be able to resist walking with your head held high.  Your posture will be the picture of perfection.  You will be a pioneer and take on any challenge!


Child George Washington Costumes cause a much similar effect!  Your little hero can dress up as a Founding Father from the colonial style vest down to the pants.  Combine this colonial costume with a colonial wig, and learning history will become fun.  These historical costumes are great ideas for teachers and students.  Play and theater productions or classroom presentations can be improved dramatically with these period costumes that accurately represent their designated eras.  Kids costumes can be both fun and educational!


Whether it’s for President’s Day 2012, George Washington’s actual birthday, or a side activity, George Washington Costumes are the way to go!

Run the Country with a Presidential Costume!

He’s got the whole wide world in his hands!  Remember hearing that song?  As a child, you probably heard it all the time and tried to realistically picture someone having the earth in the palm of his or her hands.  Well, that’s not yet possible, but the person closest to achieving that feat is the president of the United States.  With Presidents Day not too far away, try your hand at changing the world with a Presidential Costume and Political Mask!


Keep it modern with a Barack Obama Mask!  Both accurate and exaggerated Obama masks are on hand to give you a choice of expressions.  Slip on one of these masks and strive for change!  Take a walk down memory lane and have fun with a Bill Clinton or George W. Bush Mask.  Act out all of the highs and lows of their presidential reigns to have a good time!  These funny masks are useful in more ways than one.  These masks provide much needed comedic laughter but they also represent a desire for excellence!


Pay homage to the founding fathers with our George Washington Costumes! After all, Presidents Day is the commemoration of his birthday.  Bring the colonial look back in style and place your mark on everything you touch.  George Washington was the first so make a great first impression with this colonial costume, or you can imitate another leading man that had just as much impact.  That man is Abraham Lincoln.  Reign over your peers with a beard and top hat by wearing an Abraham Lincoln Costume.  Your presence will be felt worldwide, or at least throughout your home when you wear a Presidents Costume!


Presidents Day celebrates the first of a long line of presidents!  Study your history and gain an intuitive learning experience or just have fun by dressing up as a President!