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Ice Cream Costumes

Click here for free ice-cream!  April Fools’!  Yes, that tricky day is gone with the night wind, but it’s better late than never.  Since you already clicked on the link, take a look at the ice cream costumes.  Spring is finally up and awake, and summer is on call.  These two seasons mean better weather and frozen treats.  Mr. Softee will be making his rounds around the neighborhood and hordes of salivating children will follow.  Run up on the ice cream man wearing one of these tasty costumes and see how he responds!


Take your pick!  Check out our Ice Cream Sandwich Costumes.  Children and adults alike can embody their favorite desserts, and be the envy of all onlookers with a sweet tooth.  Halloween is prime time for wearing these funny costumes, but it’ll be way funnier during the summer.  Chase Mr. Softee down in an ice cream costume, and he’ll have no choice but to give you a free snack.  He’ll die from laughter if he doesn’t!

Click here if you want to stick with the classic treat!  There’s nothing better than a cold scoop of ice cream on a hot summer day.  The opposite holds up as well.  Warm yourself up on a cold Halloween night with an ice cream cone costume that will cover you from head to toe.  The Ice Cream Sundae Costume is another great option.  It’s your choice.  Consult with your taste buds to make the right decision!

Transform into the most popular snack this world has ever seen!

Drink Costumes to Start the New Year!

2013 is here and a new world of opportunities is in store!  A fresh start deserves some sort of celebration.  That’s up to you, but here are a few suggestions: kegger, toga party, costume party, or all-white party.  The list can go on for days, but when it comes down to it, all parties are the same.  There’s usually music, friends, singles, couples, dancing, and, of course, drinks!  They’re the heart of every party.  Enough drinks, and everyone’s sure to have good time!  Click here for something sort of different!


Drinks are great but Drink Costumes are amazing!  Whether it’s for Halloween or the annual office party, one of these costumes will come in handy.  Suit up as a beer mug and get drunk off fun.  Drinks will always be a staple of the party scene, but now you can redefine it and add some creativity.  This new dynamic is way more fun than the usual tradition of synchronized shots and merciless chugging.  Instead of guzzling the drinks till they vanish, become the drink.  Embody it until your senses fall into a drunken stupor.  Whether it’s as a beer mug, beer bottle, or beer man, a new way of experiencing drinking is possible.  Give it a try!

Not everyone is a fan of beer.  The reasons can range anywhere from taste to strength.  Hard drinks are more effective.  That might also be true in the costume world as well.  Click here and take a look at our tequila costumes.  Just like their liquid counterparts, liquor costumes are potent and straight to the point.  They provide more variety and more curves for women.  Dress up in one these costumes and keep track of your shot intake!

Drink costumes are fun in more ways than one!  Find your favorite drink and immerse yourself in the packaging.  It might not get you drunk, but you will definitely have a good time!

Food Costumes Satisfy Any Halloween Hunger

Craving a fresh Halloween costume this year? Nothing is fresher than Food Costumes! From Fruits to Ramen Noodles, you’re guaranteed to find your  favorite meal ready and available for wearing – without the mess! Now family costumes can be a treat  without the trick this Halloween. The only trouble you’ll find when it comes to this group costume idea is which type of food you’re going to dress up as!

If you’re going for that classic, healthy look, Fruit Costumes will provide your daily recommended dose of good-humored fun this Halloween!  For those that don’t like to rock the fruit bowl, a classic Banana Costume is a staple at any party. Be the brightest of the bunch and top banana while being asked to take pictures with new friends. Adventurous and avid fruit lovers will love the rest of our collection of delicious-looking fruit costumes. Sweet Strawberries, Admirable Apples, Gorgeous Grapes, or Precious Peach the possibilities are endless!

Not everyone enjoys the natural sweetness of fruit, for those that enjoy high fructose corn syrup running through your veins and a sugar high scrambling your mind, a Candy Costume is sure to show off your sweet tooth! Become your favorite sweet by wearing any of our iconic wrapper costumes. Gather your girls for a group costume that will have everyone noticing how scrumptious you look in matching candy dresses!

Cereal Costumes are for those that want to reminisce about their favorite childhood breakfast and don’t find dressing up an actual food amusing. Everyone remembers  yesteryear’s mascots that graced the boxes of our sugary-sweet cereals. With choices from Count Chocula to Trix the Rabbit, you’ll be the biggest nostalgia hit at any Halloween party!

When it comes to Food Costumes, the only limit is your imagination (and stomach!). Nothing will make Halloween more festive than donning a Doughnut Costume amongst a group of  people in Police Officer Costumes!


Look Utterly Intoxicating with a Drink Costume!

A Drink Costume is a great way to kick-off your Halloween and it’s easy to see why. To create a great party, there are typically a few key ingredients: people, food, and booze. Well, you’re already a person. And you could wear one of our cool Food Costumes. But at an adult event, only one of those ingredients is guaranteed to turn even a total snooze-fest into a rager. Yep, you guessed right. It’s the booze.

Old Milwaukee Beer Dress

A 'cold one' never looked so hot!

Liven up your Halloween get-down by wearing a fun Drink Costume! Alcohol always makes the party and so will you in one of these distilled delights. With our variety of drink costume options, you can pick your favorite drink, a beverage that matches your inebriating personality. So, the real question is: which booze are you?

Are you a class clown with low maintenance sensibilities? Get some laughs at a BYOB party by dressing up in one of these Beer Costumes. Why just drink your favorite ale when you can wear it? Whether you prefer a beer dress or a more classic beer bottle look, we’ve got something that will surely wet your whistle.

Not much of a beer-drinker? Like something more south of the border? Instead of opting sipping water all night, try our Tequila Bottle Costumes. You’ll look caliente and totally hilarious in one of these drink costumes.

If an evening of refinement is more your speed, you should opt for one of the Champagne Costumes. Pop the bubbly and look totally classy in either the Champagne Dress or Champagne Bottle. This drink costume would also be a cute way to dress up for a New Year’s party.

As the embodiment of liquid courage, you’ll have the confidence to bust out the dance moves and get drunk off of your bottled behind.  This Halloween, satisfy your taste for fun with one of these cool drink costumes!

Lay the Hand Down with a Pimp Costume!

♦Very few professions intertwine style and authority as astutely as the managers of the oldest profession in the world.  Pimps dress loud, talk in a cool demeanor, and take control of every situation.  If you think you got the walk pat down, try your hand at the oldest hustle with a Pimp Costume!

♦To be a true pimp, you have to dazzle everyone into submission at first sight!  Throw off whoever looks at you by slipping into a Tiger Pimp Costume!  The tiger print patterns mean business.  You’ll embody luxury and danger at the same time.  If those colors don’t fit your style, go for the Leopard Pimp Costume.  Add a hitch to your walk, soften your voice, and stay cool.  Smooth will be your middle name as soon as you put on this Funny Costume!

♦We got pimp suits in every color: purple, neon, green, brown, and every other shade that makes haters frown!  Purple Pimp Costumes offer an intoxicating view.  Lull all onlookers to sleep in these slick duds and work on your pimp walk.  The best part about our collection is that the females are not excluded.  The Lady Pimp Costumes turn the tables to put women in the dominant role.  Halloween is an equal opportunity costume fest! 

♦Get ready for the player’s ball with our Pimp Costumes!

Create the Best Group Costume on Halloween!

A successful Halloween Costume should be recognizable!  Funny, sexy, or scary, doubt can take away from the allure of any costume.  Cut down on the mystery and try a themed costume.  Themes are easier to recognize when coordinated in groups.  Take heed to our suggestions and create the Best Group Costume of 2012!


Engage in a game of cavity tag with our M&M Costumes!  Groups of friends can represent different flavors.  Reenact the famous commercials or simply embody your guilty pleasure.  Candy Costumes present a bevy of opportunities for group costumes.  You can fill up a candy shop with a Skittles, Twix, or Starburst Costumes.  Fruit and vegetable costumes round out our section of food costumes to balance out your sugar overload!  There are too many food groups to choose from.  You should never have trouble building a group costume!


Television Costumes are perfect for groups of friends!  Television shows provide a multitude of roles that can cater to different personalities within your clique.  The Simpsons Costumes feature your favorite characters from the classic show.  Try your best Homer impression.  You’ll definitely leave a lasting mark on everyone you come across.  Select your favorite show.  Choose The Muppets, Addams Family, Popeye, or one of the other represented programs to create your own episode on Halloween night!


Food and television go hand in hand.  The same idea applies for Halloween.  Create the Best Group Costume possible with our Halloween Costumes!

Cheap Group Costumes that Save a Bundle!

Double, triple, and quadruple the fun on Halloween by partying and trick-or-treating with a group of friends!  Halloween is a social holiday, and there’s no better way to bond with your friends than coordinating a group costume.  Add an affordable price, and there’s not much more you could ask for.  If that sounds tempting, check out our Cheap Group Costumes!


Round up your friends with the lure of endless fun on Halloween night and dress up in a Crayola Crayon Costume!  Crayola Costumes for all ages are available.  Each person in your group can choose their favorite color.  Make up all the colors of the rainbow and fill up your own personal crayon box.  Candy Costumes are another inexpensive childhood favorite.  Find your favorite brand and relive the highlights of your childhood.  You’ll see different types of candy costumes from Skittles to Twix.  Settle the score with your dentist by dressing up in an awesome food costume!


Game Costumes add a different dimension of fun to Halloween night!  If there are any dead spots on Halloween play with your costume.  Tic Tac Toe, Twister, Dartboard, and other costumes present opportunities for hilarious side distractions.  For another branch of entertainment, check out the Toy Story Costumes.  All of your favorite characters are available.  You and your friends can save the day in a Woody or Buzz Lightyear Costume.  Movie and television costumes are great for groups!


Our Cheap Costumes offer more than just a price advantage!  We have a deep collection of Cheap Group Costumes that offer endless amounts of opportunities between friends!

Ward off all Evil with a Superhero Couples Costumes!

Saving the world can be a tall task for one person!  Let’s face it; everyone can’t be the man of steel.  Even Superman needed help from Batman and The Flash, from time to time.  Halloween night can be spooky affair.  Conquer that adventure with that special someone by dressing up in a Superhero Couples Costume!


Halloween is tailor made for the Dark Knight!  Celebrate this special day with a Batman and Catwoman Costume.  Catwoman looks as sexy and scandalous as ever in these enticing villain costumes that show off shapely curves.  She teams up with the Batman costume of your choice!  Different styles of Batman are available; from the movies to the comic books, you can choose your favorite version and hand out your brand justice.  Gotham City will never be the same once you suit up as the underappreciated hero!


The discussion of superheroes wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the hero who’s faster than a speeding bullet!  Superman Costumes stretch with valor and honor.  Heroism will seep into your pores and encourage you to save the day.  Supergirl Costumes offer the perfect pairing to the most famous superhero.  Women can save the day and be sexy at the same time!  If Metropolis is not on your map, go for a Captain America Couples Costume.  Your country may need you on Halloween night.  When your name is called, be prepared to unveil your hero costume!


Sexy Costumes, couples costumes, and superhero costumes converge to form dynamic duos and trios!  Find a superhero that reflects your mood and spirit, and then march forth on Halloween night with your head held high!

Funny Group Costumes that will Cause a Ruckus!

The more the merrier applies to Halloween costumes more than ever!  Group costumes may seem trendy, but they’re here to stay.  What could be more fun than dressing up in crazy costumes with a group of friends or family?  Fun can be doubled and even tripled when costumes are coordinated.  Now add a pinch of comedy to the equation, and our collection of Funny Group Costumes will be your salvation!


Play with your dinner and not get scolded for it by dressing up in a Food Costume!  Go through all of the food groups and find a funny costume that suits you.  Candy, cereal, fruits, and vegetables can all be on the same plate if you gather enough people.  You don’t have to worry about cavities, upset stomachs, or your blood pressure.  Food fights won’t involve stains, and you can dress up as your favorite cereal characters.  Funny food costumes provide more variety than any other category!


To deal with all of that food, Utensil Costumes are probably in order!  Choose between the regulars: a fork, knife, and spoon.  The fruits can’t cut themselves!  Whatever party you crash, make sure it’s not a snooze fest.  If it is and the silence is uncomfortable, cut the tension with a South Park Costume.  Stop killing Kenny for a moment and cause trouble under the guise of this troubling crew.  Television character costumes coordinate into amazing group and couples costumes because of the already defined roles.  Look up your favorite show and imitate your favorite character!


Assuming another identity for the night gives you a level freedom that can’t be replicated (legally)!  Round up a great group of friends and have a blast in a Funny Group Costume!

Be Retroactive in a TV Character Costume!

Take it back, way back!  The classic shows of the 70’s and 80’s seem like a distant memory.  For those of you that grew up in the Internet era, there were more colors than black and white in the 1940’s.  The televisions didn’t have color.  You’re parents and grandparents were not colorblind, and they enjoyed great television programming.  Pay homage to the old days of fresh programming with a retro TV Character Costume!


I Love Lucy Costumes pay tribute to a classic television show that pioneered the sitcom genre!  Wait hand and foot, and show off your wicked sense of humor in a Lucy Costume that’s the representative image of a 50’s housewife.  Don’t forget to grab a partner to wear the Ricky Costume and create an awesome group costume!  Another great vintage television show is Happy Days.  Walk around as the coolest person around in a Fonzie Costume.  Throw your collar and thumbs up, and all the babes will swarm to you!


America’s favorite family makes a comeback with the Brady Bunch Costumes!  Group costumes don’t come easier than this.  Round up the whole family and take on your favorite roles, but you might need more people to fill out this big happy family!  Load of classics populate our collection!  Women can dress up in an I Dream of Jeannie Costume and make a wish to perhaps find Gilligan’s Island.  Disguise yourself as Skipper or the infamous Gilligan and create an amazing funny costume!


Retro is the word of the day and Will Ferrell wants to keep it that way with a Semi-Pro Costume!  This movie doesn’t date back like the shows previously mentioned, but Jackie Moon is on a mission.  Suit up and shoot the 3!


Experience a blast from the past with these Halloween costumes based off of notable TV characters!