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Historical Costumes Can Be Sexy Too!

From Ancient Greece to the fifties, Historical Costumes might have a reputation of being a bit boring, dusty and conservative. But Decade Costumes are only as dusty as you choose them to be! Embody the past in the most sultry way possible this Halloween. From the tunics of Ancient Egypt to the bright outfits of the 80s, you’re bound to find that one womens costumes that will have everyone wondering if they’ve been transported to a sexy era!

Historical CostumeNothing oozes sex appeal more than gold arm bands, extravagant jewelry and a silky dress. A Sexy Cleopatra Costume will make everyone your love slave this year. Let them erect monuments of love devoted to your elegant figure in this sensual historical costume. Not only is Cleopatra a symbol of beauty and sexuality, but she is a source of female power. So after you’re done whipping your love slaves into shape, get them to carry you around and handle all your demands because you’re a strong independent and beautiful woman!

Maybe you’re not really into men groveling at your feet, begging you for just one kiss before they go off and build you pyramids but you still want a historical costume. If you’re more the damsel in distress type of girl and want to be rescued by a shining knight on a white horse then there’s no better option for you than a Sexy Renaissance Costume. From Bar Wench to an elegant Maiden, you’ll look lovely in these sexy costumes.

For those that want a bit more modern look when it comes to Decade Costumes, then these Sexy Disco Costumes are a guaranteed hit! Go as vintage sexy in a flirty Go Go Girl Costume or Disco Diva. You’ll be burning the dance floor down with your slick dance moves and flowing dresses.

When you think Historical Costumes, don’t think boring. Think sultry potential and you’re sure to have a Halloween that beyond our times!

Recreate History with a Civil War Costume!

Memorial Day celebrates the fallen Union soldiers of the Civil War!  Their efforts helped the United States of America improve as a nation and as a civil society.  Along with Halloween, Declaration Day presents the perfect opportunity to carry on their legacies.  Show how much you appreciate the sacrifices they made by dressing up in a Civil War Costume!


Fight for the winning side by suiting up in a Union Officer Costume!  Double-breasted jackets, classy collars and cuffs, and spiffy trousers characterize this collection.  You’ll be a war ready gentleman in no time, but if you want to stand out and stand tall, try the Abraham Lincoln Costume.  Honest Abe always makes a lasting impression!


For a full-fledged portrayal, find a fitting Confederate Costume!  Play for the other team in a Confederate General Costume, Confederate Officer Costume, or Confederate Soldier Costume.  A war needs two sides to exist.  Find a group of friends and create an educational group costume.  Historical Costumes can also be used for school plays and productions!


Whether it’s for Halloween or Memorial Day, Civil War Costumes always serve a purpose!

Relive the Ides of March in a Roman Costume!

The Ides of March are upon us!  March 15, 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was betrayed and assassinated at the height of his power.  The phrase, “Et tu, Brute?” has been immortalized as the lament of treachery.  Roman history has been romanticized over and over.  Replay that moment or other events of that period with a Roman Costume!


Relive the Ides of March in a Julius Caesar Costume!  Wear the royal garbs of a ruler but make sure you always stay on guard.  You can never be too safe!  The infamous Roman statesman walked around with an honorable stature.  Try and capture his aura with the Adult Caesar the Great Costume.  Grab this classic costume and tell a story on Halloween night that has been rehashed throughout history, but this time you can put your own spin on it!


Gladiator Costumes perfectly paint the warlike times of the Roman era!  Bear the ancient armor of the times and fight with valor against any foe you encounter.  A gladiator’s spirit is unmatched, but there is a whole other side to battle and war: women.  Wars have been fought over women, and that reason will  be obvious when you feast your eyes on an Adult Roman Queen Costume.  These sexy costumes can be characterized as magical, majestic, and intoxicating.  Historical costumes cover all bases!


This Halloween will be one to remember!  Show your appreciation for the legend and lore of history with these classic Roman Costumes!

Commemorate the First with a George Washington Costume!

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732.  President’s Day celebrates George Washington’s birthday, but every year the holiday falls on the third month of February.  In 2012, President’s Day is on February 20.  Impress your friends with this tidbit of historical fact.  If you want to take the impression up another notch, dress up in a George Washington Costume to show your appreciation!


Adult George Washington Costumes carry an unmatched political aura!  The pants, sash, and jabot, all scream of an American brand of royalty.  Complete this president’s costume with a wig and you’ll be the head of state in no time.  The distinct colonial look will have a great effect upon your mannerisms.  You won’t be able to resist walking with your head held high.  Your posture will be the picture of perfection.  You will be a pioneer and take on any challenge!


Child George Washington Costumes cause a much similar effect!  Your little hero can dress up as a Founding Father from the colonial style vest down to the pants.  Combine this colonial costume with a colonial wig, and learning history will become fun.  These historical costumes are great ideas for teachers and students.  Play and theater productions or classroom presentations can be improved dramatically with these period costumes that accurately represent their designated eras.  Kids costumes can be both fun and educational!


Whether it’s for President’s Day 2012, George Washington’s actual birthday, or a side activity, George Washington Costumes are the way to go!