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Movie Costumes: Helping Characters Escape From the Big Screen!

There are always those movies that really captivate an audience. How about embodying those movies this Halloween with some Movie Costumes! The plot, the characters, the twists and turns, the setting, the dialogue, everything is just so spot-on that you can’t help but think about those movies in and out of the theater. So this Halloween dress up as your favorite movie character!

Modern Twist on a Flying Monkey Costume

This Wizard of Oz classic costume has a modern twist.

When it comes to turning movie characters into Halloween costumes, you can’t go wrong with Horror Movie Costumes. These classic slasher films have a way of staying relevant in any generation. Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger are two classic horror movie killers that are a guarantee scare at Halloween.

If you’re going for old-school classic movies The Wizard of Oz provides an array of characters to choose from. One thing’s for sure you’ll have plenty of options when you decide to wear a Wizard of Oz Costume! Though Dorothy and the rest of the gang are quite popular, you can always go as a flying monkey to give your Halloween an unexpected edge.

Now if you’re more keen on recent movies, then look no further than Avengers Costumes. Nothing gets more recent and relevant than these superhero costumes.  With such a phenomenal movie and a diverse cast, you’re bound to find a character to connect with! Whether you’re quick to anger, overly confident, a Russian spy, patriotic or so foreign that you don’t know what coffee is, then you’ll find a movie costume to wear thanks to the Avengers costumes!

Movie Costumes will always find a way to be relevant at Halloween because not only do movies influence popular culture but popular culture helps decide which movies come out! With such a direct correlation you’ll never go wrong by wearing a movie character costume! The only hard part will be deciding which movie is your favorite.

Horror Movie Costumes that Bring the Fright Back to Halloween!

There are different types of horrors movies.  Many are gory, some are thrilling, and others are downright creepy.  Today, these films can be divided into two categories: cheap thrill and scarred for life.  The cheap thrill makes you jump out of your seat, while the other makes you eerily uncomfortable for a long period of time.  Create these same effects with our Horror Movie Costumes!


Friday the 13th Costumes can capture both categories!  The strongest man in the world will scream like a little girl if you surprise him with a Jason Costume.  Jason Voorhees is the epitome of scary.  He revolutionized horror films, but lately there has been a shift to characters that couple gory actions with a creepy appearance.  Saw costumes fully encompass this phenomenon.  The saw pig costume and saw puppet costume are unsightly and will reach deep down into the pits of anyone’s stomach.  Scary costumes have an immense impact!


For a menacing fear that creeps up your spine, take a look at the Michael Myers Costume!  It’s a simple horror costume, but it casts a shadow of fear that will follow anyone.  You won’t be able to sleep and you’ll be afraid of the dark.  Even if you do manage to catch some shuteye, our Freddy Kruger Costumes will take over your dreams.  It seems like Halloween isn’t safe, sleep or awake.  Pinhead, Hannibal Lecter, Frankenstein, and many more will make sure of that!


Create a lasting impression on anyone you come across by stalking around town on Halloween night in a Horror Movie Costume!