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Create your own Adventure with our Avengers Costumes!

Everyone is buzzing about The Avengers!  The group of superheroes battled their way into the hearts and imaginations of millions.  Highflying antics and super strength left a lasting impression, and now everyone is left wanting more.  Live out the hit movie with our collection of Avengers Costumes!


The Hulk Costume is a smash hit!  Try not to take your anger out on everyone else when you put on this superhero costume.  Children can transform into the ripped and raging monster, and conquer their enemies with brute strength.  The Avengers are a tight knit group.  Grab a friend and add to the team.  The Thor Costume will help you summon the elemental powers, and send down strikes of godly proportions.  Movie costumes will work in conjunction with your imagination to prepare you for an exciting Halloween!


Fight for a greater purpose in a Captain America Costume!  Your child can be covered in the red, white, and blue from head to toe.  An adventure is inevitable on Halloween!  Have your little one team up with a friend.   An Iron Man Costume can turn anyone into a great companion.  Make sure you complement these costumes with the Captain America gloves and the Iron Man gloves.  Superhero accessories are a vital part of the heroic process!


Fighting crime and battling evil villains is not that simple.  To play the part, you have to look the part.  Start a heroic transformation with our Avengers Costumes!