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Feed your Soul with a Music Costume!

Music is a universal language that nourishes the soul and tickles your spirit!  The way we breathe, walk, and talk can be funneled into musical delight.  Its profound effect on the human psyche is apparent worldwide.  Listeners scream their vocal chords apart at the sight of a singing sensation.  Get a taste of music’s mysterious powers with a Music Costume!


Impersonate arguably the most popular singer ever in a Michael Jackson Costume!  Choose your favorite version of the king of pop.  From Billie Jean to Thriller, you have the pick of the litter.  Moonwalk all over Halloween night and snatch the hearts of everyone you come across.  You might not be able to captivate millions, but you’ll definitely get more candy with this celebrity costume!  Not everyone has the moves to keep up with the late legend.  Try an Elvis Costume for a grooving change of pace.  Rock your hips, flash that hundred-dollar smile, and start a dance revolution!


Become a modern day sensation with a Lady Gaga Costume!  Weirdness and creativity may swim in the same pool.  Straddle that line of thought with one of Lady Gaga’s unique costumes.  The Black Sequin Dress walks from the runway and right into Deep Space 9.  Any of her costumes is a test in interpretation, but they are fun and free at the same time.  Our Katy Perry Costumes fall along the same line but stray more towards the sex appeal aisle.  The Katy Perry Whipped Cream Costume is also fun and free, but seductive as well.  When music is attached to an arousing visual, the sky is the limit!


Our collection spans from modern to legendary!  Find your taste in sound and character with one of our Music Costumes!

Be California Gurl with our Katy Perry Wigs!

Katy Perry is a pop sensation with a flair for the dramatic.  This Halloween, there will be hordes of Katy Perry imposters showing up one another to prove who is truly a California Gurl.  If you want the upper hand in the race, check out our Katy Perry Wigs and be prepared for a wild night!


The right head of hair is vital to move a crowd!  Try on an Adult Glamour Long Blue Wig and wave your hair with enthusiasm.  The blue wig will help channel your inner Katy Perry and bring some more electricity to a night of fun.  An Adult Glamour Long Teal Blue Wig will give you that Hollywood glow that follows around Kate Perry.  The teal wig is vibrant and eccentric; qualities that make Katy Perry a musical superstar.


If you really want to stand out in the crowd, go for an Adult Long Glamour Violet Wig.  This purple wig bursts to the forefront and yells for attention that will make you blush.  Be the talk of the party and don’t get excited as the compliments come stampeding your way.  The Adult Long Glamour Magenta Wig adds a different shade to that purple to achieve zany sexiness that will keep your name in everyone’s mouth.  Katy Perry’s personality has many different hues.  For a more reserved look, the Adult Glamour Long Black Wig is perfect.  Be the spitting image of Katy Perry and have a great time!


Keep your name in everyone’s mouth with a Katy Perry Wig!