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Notable Costumes of 2011

The year is coming to a close and the memories of it should last a lifetime!  Christmas has just passed and everyone is still trying to figure out his or her resolutions for the New Year, but reflection is the key to growth.  In honor of the passing year, here are the notable Costumes of 2011!


Let’s start off with the Monster High Costumes.  These child costumes are very popular with young girls because of the perfect blend of cute and scary.  Each costume has a distinct personality, and all of them are based off of popular monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, and many more.  To continue up the ladder of age, teenagers hold a special place in their heart for crayons.  Teen Crayola Crayon Costumes are the perfect group costumes between friends.  Each person can choose his or her favorite color, and suddenly, everyone is happy and matching!


Food is always a hot topic, but the Banana Costumes in particular draw many heads!  These costumes range from sealed to peeled, and cover all of the ages.  Bananas are funny and stand out.  Other fruits are available too!


The man of the year has a mask as well.  The Charlie Sheen Mask is biggest winner of the year.  It’s brilliant, life-like, and hilarious.  Another costume that has no choice but to be funny is the Sock Monkey Costume.  There’s no way you can stare at that costume for 10 seconds without laughing!


2011 has been full of surprises, but the one constants has been the steady stream of impressive costumes!

Frightening Fashion: Monster High Costume Ideas

The Monster High craze is taking over!  This Halloween, have your little girl be the most fabulous and freakiest monster with our collection of Monster High costumes!


Monster High features a varied cast of monsters with a strong fashion sense.  Each character has something different to offer and is a match made in monster heaven for little girls.  Take a look at a Frankie Stein costume.  The clumsy daughter of Frankenstein shows a distinct sense of style.  Her plaid dress, black and white hair, and stitched up sleeves mix chic with grit!  Maybe a vampire is more your little girl’s taste?  Well Draculara, the vegan vampire, sports a pink look that will have your little girl’s friends screaming and jealous.  Also available is the Frankie Stein black wig with pink streaks that’s sure to set the monster world on fire.  The Clawdeen Wolf costumes exude confidence and spunk.  A werewolf like no other, Clawdeen Wolf’s costume adds spice with a zebra print shirt and shakes things up with a matching belt and choker necklace.  Wolf ears come with the wig to complete the wolf transformation.  For a more aquatic look, check out the Lagoon Blue costume.  Her blonde and aquamarine head of curly hair is just right for anyone thinking about doing something fishy!  The stylized fins on Lagoon Blue’s leggings and jacket will have your daughter swimming through crowds of jealous onlookers!


Any character is a great choice!  Monster High makes for great group costumes for kids.  Each character costume has a personality of its own and they all perfectly compliment each other in color and moxie!  Impress your little girl with a Monster High costume—Where freaky just got fabulous!