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Find the perfect Halloween Costume in Half the Time!

Save Money with a Cheap Sexy Costume!

“Cheap” and “sexy” sometimes hang out in the same back alley, but during these harsh economic times “cheap” is always a positive.  Inexpensive, low price, half price, and free are open-arm eye-openers.  Combine a healthy wallet with a healthy dose of eye candy, and you’ve found yourself one step closer to heaven.  Enjoy the spoils of life with a Cheap Sexy Costume!


Our collection of Cheap Sexy Costumes offers a variety of scandalous options!  If life’s weighing you down, take a dip into the murky waters of erotic innocence with a Sexy Snow White Costume!  The seven dwarves won’t be along for this ride, but you might be in for a poisonous night.  That’s not the only childhood favorite.  The Adult Pebbles Costume is painfully pink, and the Sexy Little Bo Peep Costume gives this nursery rhyme a more experienced twist!  These Halloween Costumes bring back memories and keep you sexy, but the best part is the price tag!


Explore any fantasy you can think of!  Fulfill the fantasies of all those starving patients in a Sexy Naughty Nurse Costume.  Your patience may wear thin but there will always be a line of patients when you wear one of these sexy costumes.  Leg Avenue also aims to please!  The Prisoner of Love Costume puts you in the role of an escaped convict that uses her sharp curves to slip through the cracks.  Play a prisoner or a doctor at an affordable price!


Role-play is an amazing distraction that relies on imagination!  Imagination is cheap and so are our costumes.  Live a double life just for one night in a Cheap Sexy Costume!