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Find the perfect Halloween Costume in Half the Time!

Mardi Gras Costumes that Prove Less is More!

Every year giddy partygoers converge on New Orleans for the time of their lives!  Alcohol is in abundance, beads are being thrown, masks dot the crowd, and clothes are at a minimum.  Mardi Gras is a time to let loose and meet new people.  There’s enough free spirits and beer to find something to do, but if you’re looking for something different, try a costume.  Masks are already a mainstay so you need to go the extra distance.  Click here and check out some interesting alternatives!


Fat Tuesday encourages less clothing!  It’s seen, clear as day, in the pursuit of beads.  Send a shockwave through everyone’s system by going against the grain.  Check out this grand costume.  Probably commonplace during the renaissance, this luxurious gown is sure to make a statement.  Pristine and classy are two words that come to mind when talking about this costume.  Walk down the strip in this getup, and the crowds will part.  All eyes will be on you!  In the same vein, the two-piece confetti costume leaves a little bit of mystery.  Both dresses possess a hint of royalty.  Dress like a queen, and you’ll probably get treated like one!

Couples at Mardi Gras can’t take the spotlight with the right costume.  Click here and take a look at a Mardi Gras couples costume.  The two-piece confetti costume makes another cameo, but now with company.  Manly men with royal blood will love the male half of the couples costume from the ruffled jabot down to the striped breeches.  It’s a good, classy look, but most people go to Mardi Gras to see the wild side of New Orleans.  Here’s what everyone’s been waiting for.  The Sexy Mardi Gras Maven Costume typifies what everyone wants to see.  It’s sexy, colorful, and bold!

Mardi Gras Costumes are more varied than previously thought.  Choose a style that fits your personality and have a great time!

Classics All Around: A Christmas Story Costumes!

No film captures the spirit of Christmas quite like A Christmas Story!  Ralphie is a picture perfect representation of every wide-eyed child during the holidays.  He dreams, finds disappointment, and learns something new every step of the way.  That’s what being a child is all about in a nutshell, but some events make children grow up fast.   Childhood is magical, and this classic movie is too!  Light a fire under your family with a Christmas Costume.  Click here and start this wonderful season off the right way!

Christmas morning might be the most anticipated event!  Children and adults, alike, lose sleep.  Kids fidget in their beds over anticipation, and the grownups break day to leave the door open for Santa (yes he’s real).  The sought after prize is presents, presents, and more presents on top of that.  Gifts are expected, so every now and then, you should look for a change of pace.  Click here and refresh your memory of Ralphie’s glimpse into manhood.  Ladies can strut your stuff under the mistletoe and reenact a classic movie scene.  The leg lamp costume is something special.!

A Christmas Story is full of classic moments!  The special delivery of the leg lamp is another memorable scene.  The box was Fra-gee-lay (fragile).  It’s probably Italian!  This scene is easy to reenact.  Take a look, and bring the mysterious crate out for a night.  Pair it together with a Leg Lamp costume, and put on a show for family and friends.  It will be a match made in couples costume heaven!

In the end, Christmas is all about having fun.  Make sure your smile brightens up the room just like the lights on the tree!

2012 Sexy Costumes

When it comes to being the sexiest thing on the block this Halloween, being up to date with the latest trends is a major requirement. These 2012 Sexy Costumes take the guess work out of what’s hot and what’s not for this year’s festivities!

With the newest selections available for Sexy Police Officer Costumes and Sexy Animal Costumes, you’re sure to find a new seductive twist on your favorite classic costume. Snow White gets an upgrade in the sultry category! You’ll be the fairest on the block this Halloween.  Seven dwarves won’t be the only men to want to hang around you this year, especially as the apple of everyone’s eye!

Less of a good-two shoes and more of a villain at heart? Dress up in the latest Catwoman costume from the Dark Knight Rises! 2012 is a year for Batman and all his villains. If Bane is just not your type, Catwoman will surely be the right choice. Based on Anne Hathaway’s costume in the movie, you’re sure to be the trendiest character available for Halloween.

If both seem less than appealing, and you’re looking for a character that’s not always associated with sex appeal check out latest addition, the Sexy Waldo Costume. Everyone will be looking for and at you this Halloween while you’re in this hot getup.  For once Waldo will be hard to miss, who could overlook such a sultry costume? So if you’re the type that normally blends in with the crowd and you are ready to break the mold, this Waldo outfit will surely be the way to do it!

2012 is the hottest year yet for Halloween Costumes. With such a wide selection of revamped classics, sexy originals and sultry adaptions, you’re sure to bring a bang to any party.

Historical Costumes Can Be Sexy Too!

From Ancient Greece to the fifties, Historical Costumes might have a reputation of being a bit boring, dusty and conservative. But Decade Costumes are only as dusty as you choose them to be! Embody the past in the most sultry way possible this Halloween. From the tunics of Ancient Egypt to the bright outfits of the 80s, you’re bound to find that one womens costumes that will have everyone wondering if they’ve been transported to a sexy era!

Historical CostumeNothing oozes sex appeal more than gold arm bands, extravagant jewelry and a silky dress. A Sexy Cleopatra Costume will make everyone your love slave this year. Let them erect monuments of love devoted to your elegant figure in this sensual historical costume. Not only is Cleopatra a symbol of beauty and sexuality, but she is a source of female power. So after you’re done whipping your love slaves into shape, get them to carry you around and handle all your demands because you’re a strong independent and beautiful woman!

Maybe you’re not really into men groveling at your feet, begging you for just one kiss before they go off and build you pyramids but you still want a historical costume. If you’re more the damsel in distress type of girl and want to be rescued by a shining knight on a white horse then there’s no better option for you than a Sexy Renaissance Costume. From Bar Wench to an elegant Maiden, you’ll look lovely in these sexy costumes.

For those that want a bit more modern look when it comes to Decade Costumes, then these Sexy Disco Costumes are a guaranteed hit! Go as vintage sexy in a flirty Go Go Girl Costume or Disco Diva. You’ll be burning the dance floor down with your slick dance moves and flowing dresses.

When you think Historical Costumes, don’t think boring. Think sultry potential and you’re sure to have a Halloween that beyond our times!

Save Money with a Cheap Sexy Costume!

“Cheap” and “sexy” sometimes hang out in the same back alley, but during these harsh economic times “cheap” is always a positive.  Inexpensive, low price, half price, and free are open-arm eye-openers.  Combine a healthy wallet with a healthy dose of eye candy, and you’ve found yourself one step closer to heaven.  Enjoy the spoils of life with a Cheap Sexy Costume!


Our collection of Cheap Sexy Costumes offers a variety of scandalous options!  If life’s weighing you down, take a dip into the murky waters of erotic innocence with a Sexy Snow White Costume!  The seven dwarves won’t be along for this ride, but you might be in for a poisonous night.  That’s not the only childhood favorite.  The Adult Pebbles Costume is painfully pink, and the Sexy Little Bo Peep Costume gives this nursery rhyme a more experienced twist!  These Halloween Costumes bring back memories and keep you sexy, but the best part is the price tag!


Explore any fantasy you can think of!  Fulfill the fantasies of all those starving patients in a Sexy Naughty Nurse Costume.  Your patience may wear thin but there will always be a line of patients when you wear one of these sexy costumes.  Leg Avenue also aims to please!  The Prisoner of Love Costume puts you in the role of an escaped convict that uses her sharp curves to slip through the cracks.  Play a prisoner or a doctor at an affordable price!


Role-play is an amazing distraction that relies on imagination!  Imagination is cheap and so are our costumes.  Live a double life just for one night in a Cheap Sexy Costume!

Take over Halloween with a Funny Sexy Costume!

Combine the best of both worlds on Halloween night by bridging the gap between funny and sexy!  On a night like Halloween, everyone goes all out to impress.  Some partygoers want to make everyone laugh, but others want to entice with skimpy outfits.  Why do one or the other when you can do both?  Live a little and laugh a little with a Funny Sexy Costume!


Women control the flow of every party and that fact will remain the same with a Money Hunny Cosutme!  Sex sells and money makes the world go round!  This costume is a physical manifestation of that idea, but money can also make things more complicated than they need to be.  If you want to simplify your approach go for a throwback Hollywood moment with a Leg Lamp Costume!  Christmas and Halloween don’t happen in the same month but A Christmas Story is a cult classic that everyone will remember.  Ralphie couldn’t keep his eyes off of that leg lamp and others won’t be able to keep their eyes off of you for more reasons than one!


Sexy Crayola Crayon Costumes are awesome group costumes for two reasons: they’re funny and sexy.  Kill two birds with one stone.  Everyone used crayons as a child and everyone will love this funny costume.  It’s simple math!  Sexy costumes take on a different dimension with the Sexy Convict Costume!  Escape from the prison of your own inhibitions.  Live a lot and go all out with your Halloween costume!


Choosing a funny sexy costume will be the best investment you make on Halloween night!

Ward off all Evil with a Superhero Couples Costumes!

Saving the world can be a tall task for one person!  Let’s face it; everyone can’t be the man of steel.  Even Superman needed help from Batman and The Flash, from time to time.  Halloween night can be spooky affair.  Conquer that adventure with that special someone by dressing up in a Superhero Couples Costume!


Halloween is tailor made for the Dark Knight!  Celebrate this special day with a Batman and Catwoman Costume.  Catwoman looks as sexy and scandalous as ever in these enticing villain costumes that show off shapely curves.  She teams up with the Batman costume of your choice!  Different styles of Batman are available; from the movies to the comic books, you can choose your favorite version and hand out your brand justice.  Gotham City will never be the same once you suit up as the underappreciated hero!


The discussion of superheroes wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the hero who’s faster than a speeding bullet!  Superman Costumes stretch with valor and honor.  Heroism will seep into your pores and encourage you to save the day.  Supergirl Costumes offer the perfect pairing to the most famous superhero.  Women can save the day and be sexy at the same time!  If Metropolis is not on your map, go for a Captain America Couples Costume.  Your country may need you on Halloween night.  When your name is called, be prepared to unveil your hero costume!


Sexy Costumes, couples costumes, and superhero costumes converge to form dynamic duos and trios!  Find a superhero that reflects your mood and spirit, and then march forth on Halloween night with your head held high!

Feel the Power of Love with our Valentine’s Day Costumes!

There has to be a party on Valentine’s Day!  There’s a party for every occasion.  Pet turtles have funerals so I think it’s safe to say that there will be a number of gatherings to celebrate this day of union.  Don’t get left behind!  Be prepared for a last minute Valentine’s Day rave by taking a look at our Sexy Costumes!


Cupid Costumes will be red-hot come Valentine’s Day!  Any ladies with a penchant for matchmaking can spice up the night in a sexy costume.  The Sexy Cupid Costume is a heartbreaker in more ways than one!  Short skirts are already head turners but combine that with a cute color scheme inspired by Cupid, and you have a very romantic costume that is seductive enough to cause strokes.  The Sexy Kiss Me Cupid Costume is just as stunning.  Choose your costume and shoot arrows of love in any direction, but make sure it lands on the right target!


Valentine’s Day is all about the couples and the celebration of a strong relationship!  Make the perfect Valentine couple by partnering one of the sexy cupid costumes with the Adult Cupid Costume.  Now boyfriend and girlfriend can spread the love to others.  These costumes would make ideal couples costumes for this special holiday.  Leave the image of a flying baby archer at home, and update the appearance with some pizzazz!


The spirit of Valentine’s Day is held strong and pushed forth by the people!  Keep peace and harmony by conveying love in every way possible.  Dress up in a Cupid costume that shows how much you value Valentine’s Day!

Costumes that will still be Popular 10 Years from now!

Every generation has their iconic images that carry over into the next!  Muhammad Ali is still revered for his feats in and out of the boxing ring.  James Dean met an early demise, but his legend still has a cult following.  Today we are not going to deal with iconic status but something much similar; impact and the vibrations left behind.  What costumes will still be popular 10 years from now?


Superhero Costumes have a long history!  Superheroes appeal to the wonder and magic of the world that is more than visible as a child.  Certain heroes cross generations.  Superman Costumes and Batman Costumes are here to stay.  The two heroes have been around since the early 1900s.  Their spot is safe.  Along with the Incredible Hulk and Spiderman, this genre of costumes will always be around with its key figures leading the way!


Since Christmas has just past, it’s only right to mention A Christmas Story Costumes!  It’s been almost 30 years since this movie was made, but the costumes inspired from this film are still some of the most popular.  The Bunny Suit, Leg Lamp Costume, and Fragile Box all represent notable images from the film canon.  The same goes for other popular movies that crossover well and still impress each generation!


Sex sells and so do Sexy Costumes!  Erotic appeal will always be here.  Short skirts, small tops, and miles of bare legs will easily transition from decade to decade.  It’s been brewing since the beginning of time!


Year to year, there are special people, images, and events that capture the heart and imagination of the public.  As long as we keep on living, there will be fads, but there will also be a handful of brands that have a universal time stamp.  Meet the costumes of immortality!