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2012 Movie Costumes for Halloween

Movies and Halloween go hand in hand!  The big screen’s influence spans across every generation.  Children, teens, and adults all fall under the spell of onscreen dramas.  They want to live out the constant barrage of action that categorizes film.  Iconic characters live out lives that aren’t even possible in dreams.  Sometimes the only way to capture that magic is to throw on a costume!

2012 has seen its share of interesting costumes, but the movie inspired disguises stand tall among the rest.  Films for kids are popped out every week, and each one is better than the last.  The little princess in the family has many choices.  A Tangled costume can transform any little girl into the mythical, long-haired mistress, and Halloween will give her the opportunity to live out a fairy tale.  Or, your little angel can set sail on a restorative family mission just like Merida from Brave!  Watch as she blazes through Halloween night as an adventurous redhead bent on making things right.  The wave of animated movies will give children the upper hand on Halloween!

The list jolly movies go on and on.  Despicable Me and Ted will make an appearance on Halloween.  These hilarious characters are sure to draw an extra handful of candy, door to door, but there is a category of costumes that transcends most others.  Click here and take a look at the Superhero Costumes.  Save the day, rescue a damsel in distress, or go trick-or-treating as a popular hero.  Captain America, Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, and The Hulk costumes are available and ready for action!

Most movies cover every emotion.  Because of this, moviegoers identify with certain characters.  Find that character and take Halloween by storm!

2012 Superhero Costumes

Celebrate the costumed crusader in these top 2012 Superhero Costumes! 2012 has been the year for superheroes. From the Avengers to Batman,  these larger-than-life heroes have been making a deep impression on Today’s pop culture. Nothing will be a bigger smash than dressing up as these legends on Halloween! With such a large cast of characters to choose from, you’re sure to have an amazing group costume on your hands as well.

When you think superheroes and you think 2012, the first movie that should come to mind is The Avengers. From the Hulk to Hawkeye, Avenger Costumes showoff the star-studded team that is the epitome of butt-kicking, world-saving heroes. There has never been a more mismatched group of conflicting egos that work past their difference to save the world countless times. Does this sound like your group of friends? Show off your friendship and individuality at the same time in a brilliant Avengers group costume! For that one friend that is cocky, smart, and gets all the ladies, though his morals are a bit askew, Iron Man is the hero for him. Got that all-American type with a heart of gold and extremely dependable? Get him a Captain America Costume. Hopefully you don’t have a friend that gets as angry and incredibly strong as Bruce Banner, but if you do, get him a Hulk Costume, then get out of the way on Halloween!

Not a fan of Marvel? More of a DC Hero lover? Batman has never been more relevant! With the Dark Knight Rises, the latest and final installment of the Batman trilogy, the bat has reaffirmed its place in popular culture once again. Not only are Batman Costumes going to very popular but Catwoman costumes as well! If you are a front runner when it comes to comic heroes, then you know by know that Man of Steel is set to come out in 2013. Superman will get revamped and his story will be retold but who will be the first to spread the news of this up-and-coming film? You will in a Superman Costume! Everyone will be focused on the Avengers and Batman, stand out this Halloween as Superman.

Halloween is a time for acting out childhood fantasies and embodying someone completely different from your daily life. Do it right in one of these top 2012 Superhero Costumes.


Superhero Costumes: Cool, Classic, and Courageous

Everyone can recall watching their favorite superhero on TV or reading about their adventures in comic books. With their iconic uniforms and capes, you’d do anything to dress up as these strong and confident do-gooders. With Superhero Costumes, you’ll be able to do just that! Whether to fulfill a lifelong fantasy or help your kids realizes these dreams, you’ll love putting on your favorite superhero’s  uniform for Halloween or any costume party.

There are two types of superheroes, and two types of people. You Superhero Costumeeither are a DC fan or a Marvel lover. Now, for those DC fanatics out there, it boils down to either Batman or Superman. For bat-lovers, a Batman Costume is the obvious choice. With such a monochromatic and masculine uniform coloring, of course you’re going to give off an aura of cool, calm, and collected. You’re the type that doesn’t rely on natural gift. Instead you train and work until you’re better than everyone else. It’s not an easy life but you’re not the type to take the easy way out. You’re a hardworking guy who doesn’t happen to be an alien race with superpowers, but you do have a boatload of money, or should I say a batcave full?

Now for those guys that are just naturally strong, smart, and have laser beams coming out of your eyes, the good ol’ red and blue is rightSuperhero Costume for you. Nothing can be more fun and pull off “Yes, I’m an alien, and I’m darn good looking to boot!” more than a Superman Costume. As Superman, you don’t have to worry about a bulky suit, making sure your weapons are loaded or  actually equipped on your utility belt, because you can shoot laser beams out of your eyes! Have I said that enough? Pure brawn and brains is what your superpowers are all about.

Now for those that don’t like Batman or Superman, or just hate DC comics in general. Then Marvel is your man for a superhero costume.

Dressing up in the Avengers Costumes give you a chance to be a multitude of characters! From Captain America to Ironman, Hulk to Hawkeye, there are just so many options to choose from. Plus, you can gather your friends and form your own Avengers for a brilliant group costume idea this Halloween! When it comes to group costumes, relevance and recognition, nothing will get you further than an Avengers costume, especially thanks to the phenomenal movies being released each year.

So get cool, get classic and get courageous because Superhero Costumes are a timeless Halloween Costume. With so many different costumed heroes to choose from, you’re bound to come across your favorite whether it’s from your childhood, a new favorite or your kid’s favorite. Don’t lose that Do-Gooder spirit!






Steal the Spotlight with a Mens Costume!

Women take the cake when it comes to fashion!  A woman’s wardrobe is comparable to a Halloween shop.  Every piece of clothing has a distinct personality that represents a certain mood, but men are a different story.  Men can get away with a pair of jeans and t-shirt combination for a week and not bat an eye.  However, there is one occasion where men break out of their mundane shells and fit into a different persona: Halloween.  Our Mens Costumes and Halloween are a dangerous mix!

Weed out any dead spots on Halloween by picking up one of our Funny Costumes for Men!  A good laugh can revitalize a night.  Enjoy a round of raunchy humor with a Pun Costume or an Offensive Costume.  There’s a costume for any dirty joke that’s ever made you cry in laughter.  Hilarity that intense is sure to drain your energy.  Replenish it with a Food Costume or Candy Costume.  Choose your favorite fast food or sugary sweet, and be one with the food that gives you a stomachache.  Drink Costumes, Video Game Costumes, you name it, we got it!  Our Costumes for Men have a great variety!

Everyone wants to be a hero, even if it’s only in his or her mind!  Achieve this with a Superhero Costume for Men.  For Halloween, you can parade around town as Batman, Superman, the Hulk, or any other hero that gets your juices flowing.  You may not gain superpowers, but you will look the part.  Tired of being human?  Our Animal Costumes for Men feature enough animals to fill a zoo.  Or maybe, you’re built for the spotlight.  See how you fare in a Movie Costume or a TV Show Costume.  Any man can find what he’s looking for in our collection of Halloween Costumes!

Go all out for one night and transform into a different character by picking up one of our Mens Costumes!

Create your own Adventure with our Avengers Costumes!

Everyone is buzzing about The Avengers!  The group of superheroes battled their way into the hearts and imaginations of millions.  Highflying antics and super strength left a lasting impression, and now everyone is left wanting more.  Live out the hit movie with our collection of Avengers Costumes!


The Hulk Costume is a smash hit!  Try not to take your anger out on everyone else when you put on this superhero costume.  Children can transform into the ripped and raging monster, and conquer their enemies with brute strength.  The Avengers are a tight knit group.  Grab a friend and add to the team.  The Thor Costume will help you summon the elemental powers, and send down strikes of godly proportions.  Movie costumes will work in conjunction with your imagination to prepare you for an exciting Halloween!


Fight for a greater purpose in a Captain America Costume!  Your child can be covered in the red, white, and blue from head to toe.  An adventure is inevitable on Halloween!  Have your little one team up with a friend.   An Iron Man Costume can turn anyone into a great companion.  Make sure you complement these costumes with the Captain America gloves and the Iron Man gloves.  Superhero accessories are a vital part of the heroic process!


Fighting crime and battling evil villains is not that simple.  To play the part, you have to look the part.  Start a heroic transformation with our Avengers Costumes!

Ward off all Evil with a Superhero Couples Costumes!

Saving the world can be a tall task for one person!  Let’s face it; everyone can’t be the man of steel.  Even Superman needed help from Batman and The Flash, from time to time.  Halloween night can be spooky affair.  Conquer that adventure with that special someone by dressing up in a Superhero Couples Costume!


Halloween is tailor made for the Dark Knight!  Celebrate this special day with a Batman and Catwoman Costume.  Catwoman looks as sexy and scandalous as ever in these enticing villain costumes that show off shapely curves.  She teams up with the Batman costume of your choice!  Different styles of Batman are available; from the movies to the comic books, you can choose your favorite version and hand out your brand justice.  Gotham City will never be the same once you suit up as the underappreciated hero!


The discussion of superheroes wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the hero who’s faster than a speeding bullet!  Superman Costumes stretch with valor and honor.  Heroism will seep into your pores and encourage you to save the day.  Supergirl Costumes offer the perfect pairing to the most famous superhero.  Women can save the day and be sexy at the same time!  If Metropolis is not on your map, go for a Captain America Couples Costume.  Your country may need you on Halloween night.  When your name is called, be prepared to unveil your hero costume!


Sexy Costumes, couples costumes, and superhero costumes converge to form dynamic duos and trios!  Find a superhero that reflects your mood and spirit, and then march forth on Halloween night with your head held high!

Costumes that will still be Popular 10 Years from now!

Every generation has their iconic images that carry over into the next!  Muhammad Ali is still revered for his feats in and out of the boxing ring.  James Dean met an early demise, but his legend still has a cult following.  Today we are not going to deal with iconic status but something much similar; impact and the vibrations left behind.  What costumes will still be popular 10 years from now?


Superhero Costumes have a long history!  Superheroes appeal to the wonder and magic of the world that is more than visible as a child.  Certain heroes cross generations.  Superman Costumes and Batman Costumes are here to stay.  The two heroes have been around since the early 1900s.  Their spot is safe.  Along with the Incredible Hulk and Spiderman, this genre of costumes will always be around with its key figures leading the way!


Since Christmas has just past, it’s only right to mention A Christmas Story Costumes!  It’s been almost 30 years since this movie was made, but the costumes inspired from this film are still some of the most popular.  The Bunny Suit, Leg Lamp Costume, and Fragile Box all represent notable images from the film canon.  The same goes for other popular movies that crossover well and still impress each generation!


Sex sells and so do Sexy Costumes!  Erotic appeal will always be here.  Short skirts, small tops, and miles of bare legs will easily transition from decade to decade.  It’s been brewing since the beginning of time!


Year to year, there are special people, images, and events that capture the heart and imagination of the public.  As long as we keep on living, there will be fads, but there will also be a handful of brands that have a universal time stamp.  Meet the costumes of immortality!

Get in Character: Fun Pranks and Tricks to do in Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a day dedicated to fun!  Loosen up a bit and let go of the inhibitions that stifle your happiness year round.  Don’t worry about what everyone thinks of you because a good costume can switch your identity for the night.  You can play a role that you dream of with one of our Halloween Costumes!


Ever wonder why street entertainers always have a full cup of donations?  It’s because they are willing to put their talents to use.  Hustle your neighbors for extra candy with a Michael Jackson Costume.  Moonwalk, spin, and kick your legs to the rhythm of Thriller and they won’t have a choice but to hand over more candy.  If you’re not too light on your feet, but have insane vocals that can lift any pair of ears up to cloud nine, then check out a Lady Gaga Costume.  As Lady Gaga, you can freak out your neighbors and calm their ears at the same time.  You might receive more candy, spare change, or maybe even a record deal.  You never know!


A fun prank that Halloween allows you to fathom is exorcism.  Our Religious Costumes look like the real deal.  A group costume can be coordinated using our Priest and Nun Costumes.  Dress up in these holy garbs with a bible in hand, and put your acting skills to the test.  Convince unsuspecting neighbors that lonely and lost ghosts seek refuge on Halloween night, and that their house is at risk of being haunted.  If you really want to look convincing bring some holy water and bust out some bible verses while you’re at it.  However, some might not want to upset a higher power.  Another fun prank involves Superhero Costumes.  Dress up as Superman, Batman, or any hero and have a friend dress up as a criminal.  Your friend should steal a bag of candy from a child, and that’s when you swoop in to take down the robber and return the candy to the kids.  Make sure you return the candy!


Halloween presents many opportunities to have fun; just be a little creative.  Think and live outside the box for a night with one our Halloween Costumes!

The Clock is Ticking: Halloween Costumes Galore!

Halloween is quickly approaching!  Do you have you costume yet?  No?  Don’t worry; it’s our job to supply you with the best costumes in town.  From scary costumes to candy costumes, our collection of Halloween Costumes is so deep that you might drown!


Halloween is a big day!  Everyone, from children to adults, get out of their skin and shows out for a howling night of haunting fun!  Kids Costumes set the Halloween traditions in motion at an early age.  All the classic costumes are available for the purists who believe that Halloween is owned by witches and vampires; for those who believe that boiling hot pots and hanging garlic balls are not only for decoration.  Child Costumes range from cute to adorable and heroic to historical.  The selection is close to unlimited!


Scary disguises birthed Halloween, but new trends have surfaced.  Sexy Costumes have taken over and leave little to the imagination!  Pop culture, superhero, and animal costumes populate the selection of sexy costumes to put seductive twists on your points of interests.  Leg Avenue takes these costumes to a new level and redefines the meaning of sexy!  Besides sexy, Food Costumes always make a notable appearance.  Hilarity is guaranteed anytime a partygoer dresses up as a piece of fruit or bar of candy.  That’s what Halloween is all about: having fun!


Not much time is left, but there are too many choices for you to have trouble choosing.  Take a leap of faith and go for something different, or find a costume that you’re comfortable with.  During your search, check out the latest costumes of 2011.

Save Halloween as Captain America!

Captain America is this summer’s Marvel Comic craze!  The red, white, and blue patriotic power is here to help America’s war effort.  Become the superhero this Halloween with our Captain America Costumes!


The hero of all heroes, Captain America inspires the minds and hearts of the young.  For the children, we have the Child Deluxe Captain America Costume and the Child Classic Captain America Costume.  The deluxe carries a muscled bodysuit and character hood.  If your child is still low to the ground, the Baby Captain America Costume is a perfect choice!  This costume will turn your infant into the cutest crime fighting superhero around.


Captain America Costumes are great for all ages.  The Adult Captain America Costumes represent a more mature superhero with a political message that strikes a chord with adults.  The Adult Captain America Costume won’t give you super strength, but you will be the spitting image of the classic superhero down to the utility belt and character hood.  For a beefed up appearance, try the Adult Deluxe Captain America Costume.  Women are not excluded.  The Adult Sexy Captain America Costume switches the brawny body suit for a shiny dress, skirt, and eye mask that will make Wonder Woman jealous.  These costumes exhibit justice in the flesh, and are sure to make you into a star at any Halloween party!


Superhero costumes are never complete without accessories because gadgets and weapons are the staple of most superheroes!  Adult Captain America Accessories finish off the heroic look.  His red boots and gloves provide maximum comfort for fighting crime!  The famous star-centered shield comes in different shades to fit your Captain America costume of choice.  Each shield invokes the valor of a hero!


Let this Halloween be the one that defines you!  Save the day, with the heroic fit of Captain America.