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Pilgrim Costumes for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us!  The comforting aroma of basted turkey and delicious stuffing can turn any house into a home and bring a family together.  After a few a plates, belt buckles will loosen up and stomachs will start to swell.  Another prayer or moment of thanks might cause that greedy uncle to doze off.  Sounds like another successful holiday feast, but there’s always room for improvement.  Post meal entertainment is vital.  Movies are an easy choice but why not bring a character to life before everyone eats?

Happy Thanksgiving, Pilgrims!

Click here and reenact the origins of Thanksgiving.  A pilgrim costume will be the highlight of the night.  Take the whole family back to colonial times and give everyone a history lesson on the legendary Spanish expeditions to America.  Children and adults, alike, can partake in a homegrown Thanksgiving production, and every detail will be true to history.  From the wide collars to the distinctive belt buckles, every stitch will take you back in time!

Pilgrim costumes are not limited to men.  Women have many options.  Check out this awesome costume.  The Pioneer Dress is old fashioned to the core and allows you to take a step back in time.  Here’s a cool mission: go Thanksgiving food shopping in full pilgrim gear.  Instead of going to the supermarket, go find a live turkey and pick your own vegetables from a farm.  This task may seem daunting but it will be a great experience.  Sometimes it’s hard to understand the past by second hand knowledge.  Try it for yourself and you’ll have something else to be thankful for on Thanksgiving!

Bring out the colonial costumes and start a new tradition on Turkey day!

Turkey Costumes for Thanksgiving!

November is the month that keeps on giving.  As the eleventh month, November serves as a primer for Christmas.  Christmas is the ultimate day of giving, but to prepare for the spirit and love of December 25th, everyone must first give thanks.  That’s where Thanksgiving comes in.  Families show their appreciation for each other with a bountiful feast, but not just any feast.  Of course, there are some courses that may not deviate from your usual menu.  Potatoes and other vegetables are not exclusive to Thanksgiving.  The iconic turkey is a unique staple of the holiday, and no Thanksgiving is complete without it!


Mmmmmm!  That delicious turkey is something special.  No one’s taste buds can resist a slice of a succulent Thanksgiving turkey.  One bite can complete you, and bring you back to a beautiful childhood memory.  It’s that good!  However, turkeys don’t last forever, especially if your greedy uncles are coming for a plate.  Remember the phrase, “you are what you eat”?  Click here, and try this on for size!  Golden brown and cooked to perfection, a Thanksgiving Turkey Costume should be on everyone’s menu.  After that last bite, you can prolong the good feelings with a costume.  It’s funny, fun, and functional.  The whole family will remember this night and the good times will carry over!

The last costume looked good enough to eat!  If you’re already full, check out this costume.  Gobble gobble your way to a good time with this hilarious animal costume.  Turkeys are funny animals.  Capture their awkward walk and unpredictable actions.  Cluck and flap your elbows at the Thanksgiving dinner table to enhance the holiday experience.  Add a new dimension to Turkey Day!

Once you’ve had your fill of turkey, stuffing, and the rest of the Thanksgiving menu, cap off a delicious dinner with a Turkey Costume!

Show how Thankful you are with a Thanksgiving Costume!

On Thanksgiving Day, show your gratitude by going all out!  Turkey, stuffing, yams, and too many other foods to name are essential to this holiday and also a given.  Food is the staple, but this season you should take things to a new level by dressing the part.  Maximize the charitable spirit of the season with a Thanksgiving themed Turkey Costume and Pilgrim Costume!


Show what you are thankful for in a Pilgrim Costume!  Pilgrim attire for both men and women are mostly modest and traditional in appearance.  Dark clothes, thick belts, and long skirts characterize these seasonal costumes.  Any choice will prepare you for a trip into the new world and a night of feasting.  Kids can play their part as well with our selection of Child Thanksgiving Costumes.  They can also play the role of a pilgrim or a Native American.  All of these costumes are stitched with an appreciative spirit!


Turkeys are the face of the festive holiday.  An Adult Turkey Costume will put anyone in the clucking mood, and should lighten up the night!  For a sports team searching for good representation, a Turkey Mascot Costume would be a great choice.  The perky feathers will rile up any crowd and push your team to victory.  Last but not least, if you’re an outside the box type of thinker, a Thanksgiving Turkey Illusion Costume is a solid investment.  The tables will turn and the turkey will be serving you for dinner!


Thanksgiving is the season of thanks.  Show how much you care by putting thought into the holiday festivities and dressing for the occasion in a Thanksgiving Costume!